Every once and a while you come across these people that are incredibly gifted at taking — what could be — a very complex idea and making it super simple to both understand and implement. One of the things that I love about my guest today, Shae Leonard, is that she does exactly this over and over again with her clients — and she definitely does it today in our conversation! 


Shae Leonard is a Physician Assistant, practicing out of the U.S. And in this episode, she shares with us her story of how she found functional medicine and has moved into the space of, what I like to call, health freedom. She breaks down her top five simple and impactful interventions that any one of us can put into place with respect to our health. She also paired them with the tools and steps that you can leverage to make them easy to implement in your life, regardless of your lifestyle. 


If you are looking to re-evaluate the choices that you are making with your health as we all begin to transition into this next year, I promise that Shae has got your back in this episode! 


Key Takeaways: 

[1:24] About today’s episode with Shae Leonard. 

[2:55] Welcoming Shae to the podcast! 

[3:40] Shae shares her personal story, background in this space, and why she is so uniquely positioned to speak about this topic today! 

[7:55] The difference between traditional medicine and functional medicine, and why functional medicine made the difference in Shae’s personal healing journey. 

[9:43] My personal story of finding functional medicine and how it made a difference in my life. 

[11:56] A red flag to pay attention to when you are working with someone to improve your health. 

[12:34] Shae’s #5: Switch to non-toxic products and reduce your overall day-to-day exposure to toxicity. 

[16:30] Shae’s #4: Reduce caffeine and alcohol consumption. 

[19:41] Shae’s #3: Good sleep hygiene. 

[22:00] Shae’s #2: Increase whole foods and avoid inflammatory foods. 

[23:57] Shae’s take on when clients say, “I ate ______ when I grew up and I’m just fine.” 

[27:00] What needs to change in the system so that we’re having these important conversations around health with parents and their children? 

[29:33] What the “line of fine” is and the opportunity for health across that line. 

[30:48] Shae’s #1: Mindset. 

[36:42] Shae’s key performance indicators! 

[41:55] Where to learn more about the work Shae is doing in the world! 

[42:26] What I loved about today’s episode with Shae Leonard. 


Mentioned in This Episode: 

Shae Leonard 

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90 Seconds to a Life You Love: How to Master Your Difficult Feelings to Cultivate Lasting Confidence, Resilience, and Authenticity, by Joan. I. Rosenberg 

IMPACT LIVEs — November 18th‒21st, 2021 


More About Shae Leonard 

Shae grew up in Artesia, NM, and earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Lubbock Christian University. Upon completion, she obtained her Masters in Physician Assistant Studies at Texas Tech University. 


She practiced in allergy and immunology, medical aesthetics, and integrative psychiatry. Shae practiced integrative and conventional psychiatry as a PA-C in the state of Texas for nearly five years. Her experience in psychiatry as well as her personal health journey led her to seek alternative, functional healthcare methods for herself and her patients. 


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“Reducing caffeine and alcohol I have honestly seen be a really big game-changer — especially in the initial steps of healing.” — Shae Leonard 


“We need to send [our body] all the right signals [to get to sleep] and we just don’t. We’ve got all the lights on, we’re watching a crime drama … We just do not tell our body it’s safe to sleep.” — Shae Leonard 


“If we want energy and we want to feel fueled, and we want to have proper mood resilience, we have to eat whole foods. Our body just functions on them. That’s it. It does not function on the modern food we’re trying to consume.” — Shae Leonard 


“Just start enjoying and allowing yourself to feel those positive emotions. Visualize it. Spend that time day-to-day training your brain. We have to do it every day. We can’t just have meditation once a month or once a year and expect our brain to respond well” — Shae Leonard 


“[Learn] to shift that perspective and lean into the discomfort … get to failure quicker. … Don’t be afraid of it. Just learn that it’s a part of the process. … You can act, learn, and adjust through [it] and keep moving.” — Shae Leonard 


“[Pushing] through those fears and limiting beliefs … was a game-changer for me.” — Shae Leonard