Today I am joined by the legendary Udo Erasmus! Udo is the founder of Udo’s Choice; the first company of its kind to create an age-specific probiotic line and to add unrefined plant-based DHA omega-3 to their oils. 

Udo has been speaking about the benefits of healthy oils in one’s diet for the better part of the last 30 years. He is literally the founding father of flax oil and has been speaking to how we need to healthily incorporate oils into our diet for most of his career. He is incredibly passionate with respect to educating the public about the difference between good oils vs. bad oils and how we can take responsibility for our own health. 

In this episode, not only do we talk all-things oil supplementation in this episode, but we dive into an array of deeply fascinating topics. Udo discusses the greater meaning of life, the evolution of health, what true health really means, and where we have gone astray. This conversation was incredibly meaningful and I’m super excited to give you all the opportunity to hear some of his wisdom in today’s conversation!


Key Takeaways:

[1:08] About today’s episode with the incredible, Udo Erasmus.

[2:45] Welcoming Udo Erasmus to the podcast

[3:08] Udo shares about his life journey that has led him on the path that he is on today.

[5:54] How did Udo discover his purpose so early on at the age of six years old? Does he feel that he still has the same vision he did back then? How has it evolved over the years?

[7:57] Udo tells the origin story of Udo’s Choice supplements and why he wanted to create this line of products.

[13:41] Udo explains how his Omega 3-6-9 products work and why it is important.

[18:03] Udo defines what is industrial Omega 6.

[18:47] Why Udo does not like frying pans — and how he recommends heating up your food instead

[21:21] Udo speaks about the action he took in taking responsibility for his own health when he discovered the negative impact of industrial oils.

[24:15] Why Omega 3 has stood (and will continue to stand) the test of time.

[28:17] Can we get every oil that we need from food alone?

[30:20] Udo shares his favorite health optimization tips through leveraging oil supplements.

[32:57] Udo shares a powerful message on why all of our health is our own responsibility.

[38:33] Udo’s key-performance indicators.

[43:53] How we entered a disconnected state of being and the first step to changing everything on earth.

[46:45] Are we born as entrepreneurs or did we learn to become entrepreneurs?

[46:36] Where to learn more about the amazing work of Udo Erasmus!

Mentioned in This Episode: 

Grab your free copy of Udo’s eBook, Your Body Needs an Oil Change, along with a mini video course here.

Udo Erasmus

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Udo’s Choice Omega 3-6-9

Perennial Seller: The Art of Making and Marketing Work that Lasts, by Ryan Holiday

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More About Udo Erasmus

The legendary Udo Erasmus is the co-founder of Udo’s Choice line, which can be found in Whole Foods and other health food stores worldwide. Udo designed the machinery for making oils with health in mind and pioneered flax oil, a billion-dollar industry.

However, Udo walked a difficult path to become the man he is today. Being a child of war, Udo’s life began with intense struggle. As an adult, he got pesticide poisoning in 1980, leaving doctors at a loss regarding treatment. Deciding to take his health into his own hands, Udo began researching, and his discoveries led him to a passion for finding the answers to life’s big questions which would hopefully one day bring him and the world peace.

Today, Udo is an acclaimed speaker and author of many books, including the best-selling Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill, which has sold over 250,000 copies. He teaches at events hosted by Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra, has keynoted an international brain health conference, and has traveled to over 30 countries to conduct thousands of live presentations, media interviews, and staff training impacting more than 25,000,000 lives with his message on oils, health, peace, nature, and human nature. Udo has an extensive education in biochemistry, genetics, biology, and nutrition, including a master’s degree in counseling psychology.

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Grab your free copy of Udo’s eBook, Your Body Needs an Oil Change, along with a mini video course here. 


“Every thought has an energy and that energy has effects on the body. … Our healing is not just, ‘Take a supplement,’ but is, ‘Change your thinking, change your feeling, change your self-presence.’” — Udo Erasmus

“When we don’t cultivate the good, we tend to drift towards the bad.” — Udo Erasmus

“Omega 6 is essential. … You’ve got to have it to live and be healthy. You can’t make it in your body so it has to be brought in from outside.” — Udo Erasmus

“When you increase Omega 3s in your diet, and they’re not damaged or don’t contain toxins, you can improve virtually every major degenerative condition of our time.” — Udo Erasmus

“If you can bring your focus into your own being, into the space your body occupies, and look for what is not physical in that space … that is where your feeling of wholeness comes from.” — Udo Erasmus

“You don’t get wholeness from the outside. You are wholeness by nature.” — Udo Erasmus

“Every human being has two purposes. The primary purpose is to fully enjoy the gift of being alive. … And number two, once I feel whole … in my gift, there’s nothing left to do but help. Then my question becomes, … ‘How can I make the biggest splash for good?’” — Udo Erasmus