Today I am joined by my good friend, Melanie Sutherland. Melanie is a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, an entrepreneur, a mother, and an incredible advocate of women’s health. 

And what we’re talking about today are the things that we wish women knew before they had a baby to optimize their health and optimize their capacity to execute in the world on the other side of motherhood. Traditionally, one of the biggest challenges in healthcare — and especially for those of us who are passionate about upstream preventative health — is that we’ve been trained by a healthcare system to be reactionary about health. We wait until the problem arises to deal with it. And when it comes to the changes that take place in a woman’s body in that prenatal phase and how it influences health on the other side, there are some key elements that you need to be aware of in order to maximize that next phase of life. 

What is it that every woman needs to know before they have their baby so that their body is in the best possible shape on the other side? This is what Melanie and I are delving into today. This is a powerful and important conversation and I am excited for you to have the opportunity to join in and meet Melanie and hear all of her incredible insights! 

Key Takeaways: 

[1:00] About today’s episode. 

[2:24] Welcoming Melanie to The Entrepology Podcast! 

[3:05] Melanie shares what makes her uniquely qualified to lead today’s discussion.[6:55] Why we need to prioritize ourselves as part of the prenatal experience. 

[8:56] The common narratives Melanie is seeing with women in her practice in regards to their pelvic floor and rehabilitation. 

[11:44] What do we need to know in the prenatal phase? What can we be doing to make sure that our body is in the best possible shape? 

[14:50] What it looks like to prioritize your health before giving birth. 

[19:52] How stress and burnout play into our health as new moms. 

[21:48] Melanie highlights some key components and tangible elements of health that women should be aware of that can be massive game-changers on the other side of giving birth. 

[27:17] The importance of engaging in mindfulness practices. 

[30:10] The connection between our pelvic floor and our health in general. 

[31:40] Melanie’s KPIs! 

[37:19] Where to learn more about the work Melanie is doing in this world! 

[37:55] Thanking Melanie for joining the podcast and sharing her insights! 

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More About Melanie Sutherland 

Melanie Stevens Sutherland is a Registered Manual and Pelvic Health Physiotherapist. She is also the founder, Senior Physiotherapist, Community Educator, and Chief Health Strategist of Body Co. Health. 

After years leading some of Ontario’s most prestigious sport medicine clinics, Melanie founded Body Co. Body Co. was established after the birth of her daughter to combine her passion for optimizing the health of busy families with the flexibility of parenting her two small children. 

Melanie is deeply passionate about helping other mothers build the strong, confident bodies they need to live the extraordinary lives they deserve. Over 18 years in practice, Melanie has helped thousands of women find the best physical version of themselves so they can show up and live life to their fullest potential. 

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“If we don’t start to prioritize ourselves as part of the prenatal experience, we set a standard moving forward.” — Melanie Sutherland 

“You would never go into a marathon without training for it, right? … You wouldn’t even consider it. But, what we don’t do, is afford motherhood … labor and delivery, that same status.” — Melanie Sutherland 

“Stress and burnout are the undercurrents of everything. … Every time we make a decision that takes our body away from wellness, what we do is we decrease our ability to manage that stress.” — Melanie Sutherland 

“If you haven’t taken the steps to make sure that your body and your brain are healthy, your ability to manage … stress is going to be directly proportional to your state of health.” — Melanie Sutherland 

“Pregnancy — unless otherwise defined — is not a state of fragility.” — Melanie Sutherland 

“Please see a pelvic floor therapist. I cannot stress this enough. You can’t make decisions for your body when you don’t know the state of your body.” — Melanie Sutherland 

“I really fundamentally believe that anybody who wants to have a bigger impact [and that] wants to do things [that are] significant in their life, needs to have a mindfulness practice.” — Melanie Sutherland 

“We can’t manage our health if we can’t measure it.” — Melanie Sutherland