Today I want to talk about something that I am very passionate about and that is the attributes of an effective CEO! 

There are some common, core elements that I have routinely noticed as I observe others’ leadership. And in today’s episode, I’m breaking these down into a top 10 list of the things that people need to pay attention to when they are in a leadership role within their business or workplace. 

If you are on a mission to do good work in this world — whether you’re an employee or an entrepreneur — I am talking directly to you in this episode! These are the top 10 mindset and thinking attributes that are critical in enabling leaders to become even more successful! 

Key Takeaways: 

[:41] About today’s top 10 list! 

[2:53] #1: Don’t sell your time. Sell your strategy. 

[5:05] #2: Self-authorization. 

[8:20] #3: Recognize that time — not money — is your most limited and precious resource. 

[9:49] #4: Know your numbers — even the uncomfortable ones. 

[12:39] #5: Invest in you as the CEO of your mission. 

[14:01] #6: Clarity of vision. 

[15:41] #7: Say “Yes, and.” NOT “Yes, but.” 

[17:21] #8: Acknowledge that your growth is no longer dependent on what you do but who can do it for you. 

[19:11] #9: Establish boundaries. 

[20:57] #10: Step forward from a place of courage; not bravado. 

[22:38] What do you feel are the most effective attributes of a CEO? 

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“Even if you own your own business; even if you self-identify as an entrepreneur, if you are in a model where you are selling your time for money, you actually just own the company that employs you, yourselfYou are in a job.” — Meghan Walker 

“Stop selling your time! Start packaging and selling your strategy so you can move out of being employed by yourself.” — Meghan Walker 

“Becoming a CEO is only a choice you can make. Choosing to invest in yourself as that CEO is a choice only you can make.” — Meghan Walker 

“The truth is: money is something that can come and go. We can build more of it. Time doesn’t work the same way. … Time is our most limited and precious resource.” — Meghan Walker 

“[Invest] in expanding your network so that you can easily and readily ask who is going to help me move to this next stage, who can I delegate this task to, [and] who can I delegate an old set of tasks to so we can move into that next stage of our evolution?” — Meghan Walker