How many of you have set a resolution that you were ready to start January 1st but are already finding it quite challenging? My guest today, Dr. Jodi Larry, has a message for all of you! It is not about whether you stuck with it or about how long you were on that horse; it actually has everything to do with how you get back on that horse, how you manage those failures, and how you start fresh again tomorrow. 

Dr. Jodi Larry has built her business over the last 14 years on helping people understand the things that drive our behavior. She is an expert at bringing mindset to the table  the mindset that allows us to shift the behaviors that are holding us back. And it’s not about having more willpower  she does all of this deeply transformative work by teaching us how to be more self-compassionate and empathetic towards our goals. 

You will not survive 2020 without understanding a little bit more about Dr. Jodi Larry and the wisdom she brings to the table! 

Key Takeaways: 

[1:46] About today’s episode! 

[3:19] Welcoming Dr. Jodi Larry to the podcast! 

[3:25] Jodi gives us a background on who she is and how she has ended up where she is today! 

[7:07] Jodi takes us through how her work has evolved, as well as the depth of her work when she talks about ‘cleansing.’ 

[11:58] There’s not a one-size-fits-all for health! Health is individualized. 

[13:00] How Jodi helps people overcome their ‘consumable crutch.’ 

[18:04] Why do we default to being so judgmental and mean to ourselves? 

[18:39] Some of the important lessons Jodi learned through Brené Brown’s mentorship: how to move away from being judgmental and instead practice compassion and empathy. 

[21:17] How to begin shifting your habits and begin making powerful changes! 

[23:56] The importance of practicing self-compassion in your life. 

[26:16] Once we’re engaging in self-compassion, how do we ensure that we don’t get caught in a loop of self-compassion (i.e. staying there and never moving forward and improving)? Jodi also provides an exercise on how to truly shift your habits! 

[31:55] Health is not a finite goal nor is it a linear journey. 

[34:25] Jodi’s practical tips for getting started or getting back on the horse! 

[45:04] Dr. Jodi Larry’s KPIs! 

[48:24] Where to learn more about Dr. Jodi Larry! 

Mentioned in This Episode: 

Dr. Jodi Larry 

Brené Brown 

Dr. Joe Dispenza 

The Infinite Game, by Simon Sinek 

Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead, by Brené Brown 

@DrJodiLarry on Instagram 

Dr. Jodi Larry’s 10 Day Cleanse Program 

More About Dr. Jodi Larry 

Being brought back to health by a naturopath after contracting a rare illness while traveling with her family at a young age determined Dr. Jodi Larry’s destiny. For over a decade, Jodi has brought hundreds in Toronto back to life by sharing her passion and experience of what living holistically really looks like. 

Through her busy private practice, wellness studios and corporations, Jodi shares her philosophy about clean, wholesome diets and self-care practices that inspires mind-body health and well-being. Jodi’s innovative cleanse for life programs have garnered a lot of popularity, both locally and beyond. 

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“When I put people through my cleanse program and they see what it’s like to nourish their bodies with only healthy foods for ten days, what happens is miraculous!  When people start to be conscious about what they eat, the changes are remarkable.” — Dr. Jodi Larry 

“Community and accountability, in my opinion, are key to making changes. Nobody — and I mean nobody — can do it alone.” — Dr. Jodi Larry 

“As soon as there is judgment there is no growth!”  Dr. Jodi Larry 

“Self-compassion and empathy are not our defaults. They’re things that have to be learned and practiced. The human default is self-criticism  and that’s why the world is in the f*cked up state that it’s in right now!”  Dr. Jodi Larry 

“Nothing we’ve ever felt or experienced has not been felt or experienced by another human being. And when we can know that, we can bring more compassion to ourselves ’cause we know that we’re just human!”  Dr. Jodi Larry 

“You will get there eventually as long as you are kind to yourself.”  Dr. Jodi Larry 

“Accountability is really key with little habits or big habits!”  Dr. Jodi Larry