There’s no time like the present to really make things happen! So what I’ve decided to do for this episode — and for the next couple of weeks — is to bring you solo episodes related to the three verticals that we talk about on The Entrepology Podcast: business, body, and inner-badass! These are going to be short little episodes that will help you to really lay the foundation for a whole new story. 

So to kick things off, we’re going to be talking about how to become a visionary entrepreneur! For some of us, it’s really easy to slip into this visionary role, but for others, it can come a bit harder. So in this episode, I’ll be breaking down some of the systems and patterns of thinking that I do in my own life so that I can actually execute and hang out in my strongest visionary state. 

These are my seven steps to becoming a visionary entrepreneur! 

Key Takeaways: 

[1:02] About today’s solo episode! 

[5:05] The first step to becoming more visionary: having creative space. 

[7:56] The second step: a capacity to notice problems all around you. 

[10:42] The third step: practice seeing the world through a glass-half-full perspective. 

[12:10] The fourth step: evaluating whether your idea or solution is truly scalable. 

[14:25] The fifth step: being willing to be wrong. 

[16:30] The sixth step: be comfortable with risk. 

[18:56] The seventh step: you’ve got to write your best ideas down. 

[20:08] My challenge to all of you. 

[20:47] What’s to come for The Entrepology Podcast in 2020! 

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What do you think of these seven steps? And what would you add to this list? I’d love to hear from you! Follow-up on The Entrepology Podcast Facebook page — because when you’re accountable, you’re helpable! 


“The only way to actually have creative space is to make it.” 

“You do not always have to have the most incredible idea when it comes to finding a solution — but you have to get in the habit in a solution-oriented manner.” 

“We are so much more solution-oriented when we are pulled towards the positive than when we hang out in the negative.” 

“For things to be massively disruptive in our society, they actually need to be scalable.” 

“I suspect that some of the most innovative ideas that could be helping our society are actually missed because people are simply scared to share them.” 

“Make a really conscious effort to shift the way you think and to start by simply writing down your best ideas.” 

“I think we all have something massive to contribute when we create the space to do it, when we change the way we think, when we become solution-oriented, and when we are willing to share — that is when the best innovation comes forward.”