Today’s episode is meant to serve as a bit of a wake-up call! So obviously, if you’ve been hanging out with us for any amount of time, you know that I really love business — but I lead from a place of health! 

My guest today is a business strategist and coach who is really talking about your business as the root cause of what is going wrong in your health. Holly Chantal is a strategist who helps people take their business to the next level! But what she also has an incredible lens and capacity to do is understand where your business itself is wearing you thin. 

In today’s episode, you’re going to learn that it’s not that you have to scale back or that you can’t dream big; but that there are strategies, techniques, and opportunities to shift how you are placing your business and work out into the world! 

Once you find a little bit of your flow in your business it should get easier. If it is not becoming more simple for you and is not creating more ease in your life, then consider this an opportunity to shift your perspective! We’re not telling you to slow down or to go back to your day job; what we are doing is channeling a message from the universe that is telling you that there is an opportunity to change how you’re growing your business! 

Key Takeaways: 

[1:19] About today’s episode! 

[3:10] Welcoming Holly to the podcast! 

[3:24] Holly speaks about her journey up to this point in time! 

[5:57] Holly shares her experience of how her business hit a plateau (which led her to the work that she’s currently doing)! 

[7:52] How did Holly break through her own state of plateau in her business? 

[10:20] Key things that change when people go from being in a state of ‘plateau’ to being in command with their business! 

[13:14] How does Holly work with her clients to actually get them out of this state of plateau? 

[15:09] Does Holly often find, as a business strategist, that those who have hit a plateau within their business have a lack of clarity around their purpose? How does she help address this? 

[19:14] Discussing that critical moment of being taken ‘out of the game’ as an entrepreneur. 

[22:45] Holly speaks about a key component in her toolbox: her ‘perpetual growth model’; how can we continue to grow our business and contribution while also navigating this idea of balance! 

[16:14] How does Holly address the mindset piece (such as limiting beliefs that hold them back) with her clients? 

[30:20] Getting through to those who say, ‘Yeah, but…!’ 

[32:40] If Holly were to just give entrepreneurs one piece of advice regarding whether or not they’re approaching a plateau in their mindset and business, what would it be? 

[36:05] Holly’s key performance indicators (KPIs)! 

[40:54] Where to learn more about what Holly is up to! 

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More About Holly Chantal 

Holly Chantal is a Business Coach and Brand Strategist who has been honing her craft since 2009! She helps experienced business owners who have hit their “upper limit” by helping them figure out what is next and bring their brand, business model, and marketing systems into alignment with their next level of growth. 

Holly starts this whole process by helping business owners get clear on what it is they truly want in their business (which is often not what they think!), and by uncovering where their limiting beliefs and subconscious blocks are that are sabotaging their efforts. Then, she helps by reverse-engineering a path for bringing their current business to its next evolution without alienating their audience or imploding what is already working! 

Since starting her business, Holly has created over 200 brands from idea to launch including copywriting, website design, and marketing strategy; has managed up to 20 website design projects at once and kept them on time and on budget; has made changes to a client’s messaging strategy that resulted in a $25,000 increase in revenue that month; created a brand positioning strategy for a client that moved them from six-figures in revenue to seven-figures within a year; produced content for videos and blogs that resulted in a 100% increase in traffic; and much, much more! 

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Holly and I are challenging you to take the ‘Yeah, but…’ challenge! If you have a goal,  an idea, or something you really want in your business but as soon as you think of it you go, ‘Yeah, but…’ It’s time to change your perspective! Whatever those objections are that come up for you, it’s time to play with them and look at it from different angles! Write down these objections and journal about them. Ask yourself, ‘Is that true?’ and ‘Have other people done it?’ and ‘What are some ways I could get around that challenge?’ … See what comes up for you until you get to what the reality is of what you’re really dealing with! Once you find that out, it’s time to work on that piece. 

Remember: you can have, be, do whatever you want! And be sure to let us know how this goes for you and follow-up with us on The Entrepology Podcast Facebook page — because when you’re accountable, you’re helpable! 


“That’s one of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make; that they look at one piece of their business at a time instead of looking at what the business looks like from a holistic perspective to create the outcome that they want.” — Holly Chantel 

“It’s really about deciding what you want and then making sure that everything else aligns with creating that.” — Holly Chantel 

“If your mindset is, ‘I am not worthy of these prices,’ or, ‘People don’t want what I have for these prices,’ it’s not going to happen no matter how good your branding is or how good your sales funnel is.” — Holly Chantel 

“If you have mental blocks about putting yourself out there or you’re not really connected on a soul level to your message, your branding is just going to fall flat.”  — Holly Chantel 

“All the pieces need to be in alignment if you’re going to perpetually grow.” — Holly Chantel 

“You’d be surprised at how many people are afraid of being successful!” — Holly Chantel 

“If you have a goal or an idea or something you really want in your business but as soon as you think of it you go, ‘Yeah, but…’ and whatever those objections are that come up for you, play with that and look at it from different angles.” — Holly Chantel