My guest today on the podcast is Maggie Berghoff! Maggie is a functional medicine nurse practitioner and health consultant who works with celebrities, entertainers, athletes, and CEOs to some of the most progressive companies in the world. She also has a variety of programs so that people like you and I can access incredible health information. On top of that, Maggie also is the creator of a high-level mastermind for health and wellness practitioners and enthusiasts who are looking to take their work online. 

Not only has Maggie built a very successful business and helped people in a really significant way, but she has done it with two small kids at home. So, what I wanted to know from Maggie in this episode is: how did she grow her business while balancing all these pieces? What are some of her secrets to success? And what does she do when she’s had a really horrific night of waking up with small, young people? 

Maggie is a force to be reckoned with and one of the nicest people you will ever meet. I am so excited for you to meet my friend this episode — Maggie Berghoff! 

Key Takeaways: 

[1:04] About today’s episode! 

[2:20] Welcoming Maggie Berghoff to the podcast! 

[2:42] Maggie shares what she’s all about and how she got to where she is today! 

[3:56] Maggie shares her model of how she works with her clients. 

[4:47] How does Maggie fully evaluate someone through an online space? 

[7:13] How does Maggie define optimal health? 

[8:09] What kinds of clients does Maggie work with? 

[8:54] What are some of the common frustrations among Maggie’s top-performing clients? And how does she address them? 

[10:14] What standard tests does Maggie run in her practice? 

[11:04] Does Maggie run these tests again after she’s done the ‘cleaning up work’ with her clients? 

[12:15] How does Maggie help her clients build their diets? 

[13:25] Beyond diet, what are the other tenets of a healthy lifestyle that Maggie supports  with her patients? 

[15:08] The important role that mindset plays in healing the body. 

[16:02] Maggie takes us through her own day and highlights some of the key tenets that keep her healthy and balanced. 

[16:50] Does Maggie really get enough sleep? 

[17:07] What does Maggie do when her children won’t let her sleep through the night? 

[18:12] Maggie lets us in on some of her lifestyle hacks for those tough days! 

[21:56] The key things Maggie has done to move her business forward! 

[23:16] How did Maggie learn the lesson that she needed to be willing to invest in herself in order to attract the mentors that she needed into her life? 

[26:55] Why it is so incredibly important to invest in yourself (and in turn, your business!) 

[28:28] How did Maggie become comfortable asking people to invest in her? 

[34:10] Maggie shares some examples of the kind of impact (that the clients that she works with) have on the world. 

[35:15] Maggie’s KPIs! 

[40:21] Where to learn more about Maggie online! 

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Maggie Berghoff 

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More About Maggie Berghoff 

Maggie Berghoff is a functional medicine nurse practitioner and health consultant who works with celebrities, entertainers, athletes, and CEOs/executives to up-level their physical and mental health.  She also has self-paced automated programs available to the public that offers the tools and strategies she uses with her private clientele to directly to you, to create an environment to thrive, rebalance your body, and detoxify. In addition, Maggie is the creator of a high-level mastermind for health and wellness enthusiasts and clinicians, who are looking to create impact and income through virtual health consulting. 

Connect with my Guest: 

Website: (Offer: Discover your inflammation type by taking Maggie’s free online assessment!) 

Social Media: @maggie_berghoff — Instagram@MaggieKBerghoff — Facebook, and Maggie Berghoff on LinkedIn 

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An important lesson from today’s episode was about the profound impact that investing in yourself has. We would absolutely love to hear how you have invested in yourself in the past and the kind of impact that has had on your life and your business — or, alternatively — how you plan on investing in yourself in the coming year and how you’re going to do it! Follow-up with us on The Entrepology Podcast Facebook page — because when you’re accountable, you’re helpable! 


“I hold my clients to really high standards to make sure that they’re always elevating their life and open to growth — no matter what that looks like to them.” — Maggie Berghoff 

“The body is way smarter than you and I! So if we can just give it a little push in the right direction, it’s going to heal itself. It knows what to do and it wants to get well.”  — Maggie Berghoff 

“It is important that you truly believe that you can heal.” — Maggie Berghoff 

“I have strict boundaries on myself and that helps me be so productive and fully my best self in each of the roles that I have.” — Maggie Berghoff 

“It’s selfish for you not to invest in yourself! … Because, if you don’t, you’re not able to help your clients whom you’re asking to invest in you, to your fullest!” — Maggie Berghoff 

“Somebody once told me, ‘You can never charge somebody what you’ve never invested in yourself.’ So if you’ve never paid $10,000 for something for you, you’re probably not going to be able to ask someone to invest that in you.” — Maggie Berghoff