Today’s episode is going to be all about the men in our lives. For a long time now, I’ve been wanting to get my good friend and physician on the podcast, Dr. Tracy Gapin, to talk all about what it would take to actually get the men in our lives into a physician’s office. 

Dr. Tracy Gapin is a board-certified urologist practicing in Florida, but his real passion is unpacking health performance medicine for men. This was a really exciting interview because we broke down some of the key performance areas that men really need to look at with respect to their health, some of the red flags that we need to make sure that we are consistently watching out for, and the #1 thing that actually drives men finally through a physician’s doors. 

The intention behind this episode was to really give us an understanding of what helps motivate getting the men that we love into the offices of people who can help take their health to the next level. Tracy really dives deep into this topic and gives many practical tips on how to help support the men in our life reach their optimal health! 

Key Takeaways: 

[1:03] About today’s episode with Dr. Tracy Gapin. 

[2:15] Welcoming Dr. Tracy Gapin to the podcast! 

[2:53] Tracy takes us through his journey, work, and what originally got him interested in the work that he does! 

[6:03] What happened when Tracy discovered the wellness side of medicine? 

[7:29] What metrics should men be looking at and asking about as it pertains to their overall health? 

[12:20] How does Tracy measure metrics around hormones? 

[14:04] Tracy speaks about the epigenetic piece of his practice. 

[18:04] How many of the men that walk through Dr. Tracy’s doors are already in optimal health vs. having some issues they need to address. 

[20:00] Tracy breaks down some of the misconceptions of what it actually means to have your health evaluated in its entirety for a man between the ages of 30-45. 

[21:40] In an ideal world, how would Tracy have men interact with their physician? 

[23:55] If Tracy had to give men only five things he’d love to see them take care of in regards to their health, what would they be? 

[26:45] What are Tracy’s views or rules around alcohol? 

[28:05] What are Tracy’s recommendations around movement? 

[29:24] Tracy brings up a couple more key areas that men should pay attention to. 

[30:32] What does Tracy find finally motivates men to visit a physician? 

[31:44] What does Tracy see men struggling with in regards to sex when they do come to his office? 

[36:22] Tracy highlights some red flags we should be watching out for in our partners. 

[40:55] Dr. Tracy Gapin’s KPIs! 

[47:07] Where to find Tracy and his work online. 

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More About Dr. Tracy Gapin 

Dr. Tracy Gapin is a board-certified urologist and men’s health expert focused on providing men a personalized path to optimizing health and performance. He offers precision medicine including state-of-the-art biometric monitoring, genetic optimization, nutrition and lifestyle intervention and bio-individualized hormone optimization to helping men reach their full potential. 

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Some of the biggest challenges men face as it pertains to their health are sleep, heart rate variability (HRV), their hormone levels, nutrition, and mindset. These all can indicate greater underlying health issues and are important to be aware of and track. Are you going to commit to getting one extra hour of sleep a night? Or perhaps trying meditation to help improve your mindset? Let us know what you’ll be doing to take your health into your own hands and follow-up with us on the The Entrepology Podcast Facebook page — because when you’re accountable, you’re helpable! 


“It’s so important that whatever we’re doing [that] we track the intervention and the changes that result.” — Tracy Gapin 


“There are really very few men in an optimal state [of health]. … Most of the men that I see … are executives … or young entrepreneurs. … They’re not taking care of their bodies and they don’t … know how to. … The biggest challenge for them is education.” — Tracy Gapin 


“[Health guidance for men] is overwhelming. You don’t know what’s fact and what’s fad … or reality. And so, what I tell my guys is that [I have] a systems-based approach and that we’re going to look at every system in the body [because] they all interact together.” — Tracy Gapin 


“A lot of guys think, ‘Well, I don’t need a doctor because I’m not sick,’ and that’s what’s ultimately wrong with our medical system here in the U.S. … it’s based on disease.”  

— Tracy Gapin 


“How we take care of our body now … has a massive impact on how our child will grow up and develop — and we’re talking about before the child is even born; before conception! How I am treating my body affects my sperm and ultimately my children.”  

— Tracy Gapin