Today’s theme is all about business — expanding your money mindset, balancing your business and family, and getting the support you deserve as a female entrepreneur! 

My guest today, Sandy Connery, is the co-founder of Namastream Software — an online digital platform that enables yoga instructors and wellness practitioners to take their knowledge into the online space by teaching various courses. It’s a user-friendly technology, super amazing, and game-changing for people in that industry! 

On today’s podcast, Sandy and I talk about what it actually means to be a woman in business; what it means to think bigger, what it means to set higher standards — and not in the traditional online business way — but to do it uniquely, as a woman. Part of female leadership is being able to step into our role — not to do it like men in a female body, but to do it like women from the values and mindset that women bring to the table. 

Be sure to tune in to hear all of Sandy’s knowledge bombs on the types of skills and mindset we need to leverage in order to be able to effectively navigate the entrepreneurial world as a woman! 

Key Takeaways: 

[1:17] About today’s episode with Sandy Connery! 

[1:35] Welcoming Sandy to the podcast! 

[3:03] Sandy explains her deep passion for supporting female entrepreneurs. 

[3:40] Sandy tells us all about her business, Namastream Software, that she co-founded with Jennifer Barcelos. 

[4:41] What compelled Sandy and Jennifer to start their business, Namastream? 

[7:50] What does Sandy bring to the table as a woman in a space that’s traditionally dominated by men? 

[9:55] How do these ideas literally manifest in Sandy’s company? 

[12:18] What is the thinking behind Sandy’s platform being focused on wellness practitioners? 

[14:28] What Sandy sees a lot in regard to the money mindsets of female entrepreneurs. 

[20:08] How do wellness practitioners/yoga instructors maintain that level of intimacy that an in-person class brings onto an online platform? 

[24:05] How Sandy balances family and entrepreneurship! 

[28:19] If Sandy could do it all again, what would she do differently? 

[30:17] Sandy’s KPIs! 

[32:44] Where to learn more about Sandy online! 

Mentioned in This Episode: 

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The Digital Artisan: A Manifesto for Crafting A New World 

Drop the Ball: Achieving More by Doing Less, by Tiffany Dufu 

The Life Coach School (Brooke Castillo) 

Kelly Diels 

Bulletproof Coffee 

More About Sandy Connery 

Sandy is the co-founder of Namastream Software, Soulful MBA, and Connectable.Biz Software. After a twenty-year career in footwear and gait analysis, Sandy sold her million-dollar brick and mortar retail business and clinic. She now brings her business experience to the online space where she loves to create community, teach, and inspire other women to find the freedom and impact they desire. 

Connect with my Guest: 

Websites: Namastream softwareSoulful MBA, and Connectable.Biz software 

Social: LinkedIn and @Namastream on Instagram 

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“I really believe that more women need to create businesses. We need more female leaders, we need more female entrepreneurs, and the world needs more female millionaires. I think it’s just so important that we have our voice out there and our ideas out there.” — Sandy Connery 


“It’s life-changing … when women actually act and create whatever they have in their mind for a business or a book or … whatever it is. … We need to act and we all need to be the example so that people can see what’s possible when they start their business.” — Sandy Connery 


“I want women to be really confident, have options in front of them, and make a lot of money, so that … no matter what life throws at them, they’re good financially and not dependant on a partner.” — Sandy Connery 


“I don’t know why money is so taboo! It’s like this shameful thing to have … or you’re somehow ‘evil’ if you have money. And you just look at the men in the world who have money and … all the things that they can influence, and women need that equal power.” — Sandy Connery