So, today is a story about the coming together of healing and badassery, with my incredible guest, Kayla Saint-Onge! I have known Kayla for a number of years, so I am really excited to finally have her on the show! 

In this episode, Kayla explains to us her energetic healing modality called BioEnergetic Intolerance Elimination (otherwise known as BIE). BIE is a natural, non-invasive method that helps a person’s body identify stressors that are causing symptoms and brings their body back to balance. Kayla studied holistic nutrition for a long time, which eventually led to her becoming a BIE practitioner because of her own journey with managing ulcerative colitis. Her understanding and exploration of energetic medicine is so deeply fascinating and has been so helpful to her that she decided that she wanted to be able to apply it to others as well. BIE literally has the capacity to clear people of their sensitivities and intolerances. 

Join us this episode as Kayla goes into detail, describing how BIE works and the incredible benefits to this powerful modality! 

Key Takeaways: 

[:47] About today’s episode! 

[2:57] Welcoming Kayla to the podcast! 

[3:22] Kayla shares her story of how she became inspired to help others heal. 

[7:50] Kayla speaks deeper about her own holistic healing journey — healing both emotionally and physically. 

[9:55] What is BioEnergetic Intolerance Elimination (BIE)? 

[11:21] Can BIE help rebalance or reset energetic intolerances beyond food allergies? 

[12:42] Why are some food intolerances much more frequently occurring than others (such as wheat, eggs, and dairy)? 

[14:35] How long does the BIE session take? And how long does it take to see results? 

[15:50] What does Kayla observe about the people who are much more resilient to (or have a higher tolerance to) external energies? 

[16:55] What are some of the commonalities amongst people who are more sensitive to everything? 

[19:26] Is there a way to navigate energetic frequencies of medications people need to be on? 

[21:44] What have been some of the most profound shifts Kayla has witnessed with the clients she has worked with as a result of applying energetic healing? 

[24:27] Has Kayla always been open to the notion of energetic healing? 

[29:37] Discussing the power of combining practices and modalities with BIE! 

[32:00] Kayla’s key performance indicators! 

[36:30] Where to find Kayla online! 

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BioEnergetic Intolerance Elimination (BIE) 

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More About Kayla Saint-Onge 

Kayla Saint-Onge began her healing journey after experiencing severe digestive health issues which resulted in an autoimmune diagnosis. It was after she was hospitalized as a result of her ulcerative colitis, that she decided to pursue a holistic approach to her healing. This led Kayla to begin her studies as a Holistic Nutritionist with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition where she graduated with distinction of merit. 

While she managed to overcome some of her health issues using diet and natural supplements, this approach alone was not giving her the quality of life she believed her body was capable of achieving. During her search for alternative healing modalities, Kayla was referred to a BioEnergetics (BIE) Practitioner. After working with the BIE Practitioner, she was able to experience a deeper healing of her digestive issues. Using a unique tool known as the GSR-120, her body was brought back to balance allowing it to begin to heal itself. 

With her passion for holistic health and wellness, Kayla further pursued her education and training with the Institute of Natural Health Technologies to become a Registered BioEnergetics Practitioner. 

Kayla’s experience as a BIE Practitioner is one of her primary modalities in helping her clients achieve balance to finally heal. She works with clients on a variety of stressor-related symptoms to help alleviate them of digestive and emotional issues as well as food and environmental intolerances. 

Kayla believes that every individual is capable of healing and is extremely passionate about helping her clients uncover the true causes of their symptoms so that they can restore their health and live their most vibrant life. 

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“If you don’t look at holistic healing for what it actually is — mind, body, spirit — you’re never going to really, truly heal and reach that full remission.” — Kayla Saint-Onge 


“[BIE] is using the body and energy. … Everything in this universe has its own, unique vibrational frequency. … We are surrounded constantly by energy … and the way that we interact with these things affects ourselves on a cellular level.” — Kayla Saint-Onge 


“BIE is all about first determining what your body is not understanding or recognizing the frequency of which is causing some of these root issues. And then the second part of BIE is actually rebalancing your body.” — Kayla Saint-Onge 


“There’s so much that we still don’t know about energy and how we respond … and react [to it], but certainly what I’ve been able to do with BIE … has just been fascinating and … I feel really grateful to be a part of this group of practitioners.” — Kayla Saint-Onge 


“I think that any one thing is never going to be your be-all-end-all cure, just like no modality will, per se. I think that … holistic approaches are really where we can really, truly thrive.” — Kayla Saint-Onge