ur own physiology. And one of the things I have talked about in the past with respect to biohacking is the need to protect ourselves from blue light. Blue light is the type of toxic light that is produced by our phones and our computer screens that can throw off our circadian rhythm and cause damage to our mitochondria (the little powerhouses in our cells that produce energy). So, if blue light can impact our mitochondria negatively, is there a type of light that can impact them positively? Turns out, there is! Red light therapy actually enables your mitochondria to become more efficient — with that just being one of the many benefits red light therapy produces. 

My guest today, Scott Nelson, is going to take us on a deep dive of this topic! Scott is the co-founder of Joovv, the first company to develop a full body light therapy device designed for home use. Prior to starting Joovv, Scott spent his entire professional career in leadership positions in some of the largest medical device companies in the world. 

One of the things I love about Joovv is that it is really a device and an opportunity for people to have some agency and control over optimizing mitochondrial health without more supplementation! Everyone wants to know what we can do with diet and lifestyle, but the reality is that lifestyle (and the things that we expose ourselves to every day) can really move our health in a positive direction if you know what they are — and that’s exactly what we’ll be talking about today! We discuss some of the conditions and psychological outcomes that red light therapy can help with, how exactly it all works, and how to use the Joovv to take your health to an entirely new level! 

Key Takeaways: 

[1:12] About today’s episode. 

[3:52] Welcoming Scott Nelson to the podcast! 

[4:33] Scott gives an overview of what Joovv is all about and how he and his fellow co-founders teamed up to create it. 

[6:46] What is red light therapy? 

[10:40] Is there a difference in between using an at-home device such as the Joovv or sitting in an infrared sauna? 

[13:17] What types of light are problematic to our bodies? And why does blue light get a bad rap? 

[17:00] How red light helps our cells overcome modern day stressors and shifts our immune system from pro-inflammatory to anti-inflammatory. 

[19:18] What do the Joovv devices look like? And what is the experience of being in front of red light like? 

[21:41] What is Joovv modular? 

[22:59] When using the Joovv’s handheld device (called the Joovv Go), is there a best place to target the red light for the most impactful benefits? 

[25:13] The influence that red light therapy and the Joovv can have on sleep. 

[28:09] Scott recommends other therapeutics that are synergistic with red light therapy! 

[31:12] How are clients of Joovv using the red light and near-infrared therapy? What is it helping to address in their lives? 

[33:02] Scott’s favorite bio-hacking tools. 

[36:46] Scott’s key-performance indicators! 

Mentioned in This Episode: 


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F.lux App 

Blue Blocking Glasses 

Vibration Plate 

Halo Sport 

Binaural Beats 




Oura Ring 


Heads Up Health App 

More About Scott Nelson 

Scott Nelson is a co-founder of Joovv, the first company to develop a full-body light therapy device designed for convenient, in-home use. Prior to starting Joovv, he spent his entire professional career in leadership positions with some of the largest medical device companies in the world, including Medtronic, Covidien, and Boston Scientific. In his spare time, Scott is also the host of Medsider Radio, a top-ranked medical device podcast. 

Connect with my Guest: 

Websites: Joovv.com and Medsider.com 

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We all need to be cognizant of light and its impact on our health. As Scott Nelson says, we can all take baby steps to surround ourselves every day with these healthy wavelengths of light. Try using an app (such as f.lux) that makes the color of your computer’s display adapt to the time of day or use blue blocking glasses while working at your computer late at night! There are plenty of other habits you can bring into your lifestyle too. Let us know about the commitment you’ll be making by follow up with us on The Entrepology Podcast Facebook page — because when you’re accountable, you’re helpable! 


“Our bodies metabolize proteins, carbs, fats, etc. in various ways and especially at different times of day. … And the same thing applies to light. Our bodies respond and metabolize different wavelengths of light, especially at different times of the day!”  

— Scott Nelson 


“If we’re not getting enough natural light, we need to begin to think about supplementing … our lifestyle … with healthy wavelengths of light … [such as] red and near-infrared light, as that’s present almost throughout the entire day in natural sunlight.”  

— Scott Nelson 


“It is very well documented that these wavelengths of light — red and near-infrared light — help actually to shift our immune system from … something that’s pro-inflammatory to one that’s anti-inflammatory.” — Scott Nelson 


“These healthy wavelengths of light can actually help our cells overcome a lot of those modern-day stressors. [And] the reality is that we just don’t spend enough time in front of those healthy, natural wavelengths of light.” — Scott Nelson 


“We all need to be cognizant of light and its impact on our health.” — Scott Nelson