The work of my guest today — Genevieve White — is so important! She’s a Health Coach with a focus on environmental medicine. 

It’s common, but not normal to be affected by our environment. So how do we help people recognize the things that are in their home that are filling up their cup faster than they should be? Environmental exposure is not just about its implications and chronic disease, but about the toxicity that we hold as a result of our environment! It’s often the reason for thyroid conditions, why we can’t lose weight and can impede us from feeling at our best all of the time. 

In today’s conversation, Genevieve is going to take you through all the things you need to know about having a safe, secure, and health-optimized home. The space that you survive in is absolutely critical to giving you the energy you need to live the mission you are meant to live! Tune in to learn what you need to reexamine in your home, the things that you can (or should) change, and the things that you can do right away in order to be able to live your most optimal life in the place you spend the most time! 

Key Takeaways: 

[:50] About my guest today, Genevieve White. 

[2:20] Welcoming on Genevieve to the podcast! 

[2:55] Genevieve takes us through her journey and what inspired her to get into health coaching. 

[6:07] Genevieve gives some examples of toxicity and pollution that can be found in the home. 

[9:53] Genevieve’s recommendations for what you can do right now to make your home a safer, healthier place! 

[13:15] How does Genevieve approach caring for individuals in her practice who suspect environmental factors are triggering their state of un-wellness? 

[15:54] What kinds of symptoms did Genevieve experience due to environmental exposure? 

[19:45] Common symptoms of environmental exposure. 

[24:06] Genevieve’s favourite all-natural products as well as some of the cool new things she has introduced into her home. 

[30:57] What you should watch for as warning factors to environmental exposure. 

[31:11] More about Genevieve’s experience with environmental exposure. 

[32:05] Genevieve explains what it means to be a health coach and what it looks like to work with her. 

[35:37] How long did it take for Genevieve to become a health coach? 

[37:26] Genevieve’s key-performance indicators! 

[40:08] Where to find Genevieve online! 

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More About Genevieve White 

Genevieve White is a Certified Health Coach and advocate for personalized health care. She healed herself from years of chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, and generalized pain through extensive detoxification of both her body and her living environment. After her son was diagnosed with his second autoimmune condition, she began digging into the research to discover the connection of toxicity to all chronic disease. Now, her knowledge and expertise make her a go-to resource for people experiencing chronic conditions like autoimmunity, hormone imbalances, and chemical sensitivities. In addition to individualized coaching, Genevieve writes for a variety of natural health websites including and Eat Without Apology. 

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You can start taking actionable steps today to make your home safer and more health-optimized! There are lots of simple things you can do every day to improve your home’s conditions! Open your windows, take out air fresheners or other products with lots of fragrance, keep your shoes at the door, and keep things clean in general by vacuuming or dusting. You can also try sprinkling cinnamon in your houseplants to prevent mold! Follow up with us on The Entrepology Podcast Facebook page and let us know what you’ll be doing to make your home a safer, cleaner environment! 


“I quit my job and got certified as a health coach — and ever since then, I’ve just been working with people to improve their lives through diet and exercise… but also with a big emphasis on reducing the toxic load inside their home.” — Genevieve White 


“We always hear about environmental toxins and it feels overwhelming … but our home environment is really a lot more polluted than people realize. And sometimes it is even 100X more polluted inside a building than outside … [but] we have control over that.” — Genevieve White 


“I don’t want to scare people! I just want to make people more aware of what we’re exposing ourselves to.” — Genevieve White 


“I sprinkle cinnamon on my houseplants and that helps keep the mold at bay! …Isn’t that a cool trick?” — Genevieve White 


“I try to just be really mindful of the signals that my body is giving me. ’Cause you just can’t clean your house and be good to go; … it’s an ongoing thing.” — Genevieve White