My guest today has not been on The Entrepology Podcast since episode 20! Katrina Bos is an author and all-around wise woman. 

Katrina is a mathematician by background and she is currently in Guadalupe having sold all of her life possessions as she travels around the world in search of the experience that happens when you surrender to the universe. I absolutely like the juxtaposition between the structure of a background in mathematics and the fluidity and flexibility that can happen when you start to integrate life’s lessons in a strategic way. 

My conversation with Katrina is a long one — but there wasn’t one part of the podcast I could do away with — it was wisdom-bomb after wisdom-bomb! We talk about the journey that women go through as the student, the householder, the forest dweller, and the sage — as well as the importance of embracing and honouring each of these pieces in our evolution as wise women. We discuss her online course, the Radiant Woman; the idea of embracing feminine strength, acting out of our feminine wisdom, and listening to your deep wisdom; and so, so much more. I definitely recommend you listen in to this one! 

Key Takeaways: 

[2:00] About today’s conversation! 

[4:00] Welcoming Katrina Bos back to The Entrepology Podcast! 

[4:36] Katrina re-introduces herself and takes us through her journey. 

[8:33] From mathematician to free traveler: How and why Katrina did it. 

[17:39] Katrina speaks on surrendering to the experience and how structure enables flexibility. 

[19:27] Katrina explains the different phases of life a woman goes through (the student, the householder, the forest dweller, and the sage), and how she embraced her next phase in life. 

[23:53] Megan’s recent experience that illustrates the general lack of consideration for the wisdom of individuals as they age. 

[25:13] Katrina’s thoughts on the problem in our society about the lack of spiritual growth and what that means. 

[30:18] Do men and women go through their phases of life differently? And how so? 

[33:52] Embracing feminine strength, the wisdom of the woman, honouring your cycle, leveraging time, acting out of our feminine wisdom, and being vulnerable in your home. 

[43:43] What started happening when Katrina began embracing and listening to her deep wisdom. 

[49:03] About Katrina’s online course, the Radiant Woman. 

[57:17] Take our new quiz on Entrepology Performance Labs! 

[58:24] Katrina’s key-performance indicators! 

[1:07:31] Where to find Katrina online. 

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From Age-Ing to Sage-Ing: A Revolutionary Approach to Growing Older, by Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and Ronald S. Miller 

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More About Katrina Bos 

Katrina Bos is a Canadian speaker, author, and spiritual wellness expert. After getting a Bachelor of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo — where she minored in philosophy and spirituality — Katrina moved on to the small-town life when she married a farmer and raised two children. 

When she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of the 1990s, she realized with the help of a guru that it was time for change. Ten years later, cancer-free, Katrina published her first book What if You Could Skip the Cancer? (2009), in which she talks about the changes she had to make that led to her miraculous recovery. 

As her awareness and knowledge grew, Katrina developed an interest in Tantra. Her second book, Tantric Intimacy: Discover the Magic of True Connection (2017), redefines love, intimacy, and relationships and brings the world of sacred sexuality into our everyday lives. 

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“I think the greatest thing … is being in this constant state of surrender. … And trusting that the next step … even if it’s really difficult, amazing things will come out of it.”  

— Katrina Bos 


“Literally the journey that I’m on right now is trusting that if I listen within, the next step will appear — and it does! Every single time.” — Katrina Bos 


“A true mentor has actually mined the experiences of their life. And if they’ve done that, the humility in that person is off the charts.” — Katrina Bos 


“When we can actually be honest [in our homes] and stand in our truths there … and share it with our partner and stand strong in it — don’t just let it blow over.”— Katrina Bos 


“The first call is within and listening to whatever our soul is really desiring. Absolute miracles can happen and [they can be] so much bigger than anything we ever could have imagined.” — Katrina Bos 


“As each one of us shifts, the ripple effect is immense! ’Cause we hold the web. It’s not just that we receive information — we affect every single person around us in ways that we can never even fathom.” — Katrina Bos