If I asked you to measure your inner badass, what would you say? Or, if I asked you what the objective data was that supported your badass status, would you have an answer?  

The WAVi is an EEG scanner which enables us to actually measure raw brain waves to get a sense — of not only the amplitude of connectivity  but also the types and density of waves that we are seeing within the brain. In short: what we can actually do with the WAVi scanner is measure how well your brain is working. And, to me, the most badass feature of any individual is what actually happens between their ears. 

So, if you have an interest in how you can actually start to optimize your brain health; how you can clarify your ability to think and execute; and quite literally how we can measure your human potential with some really amazing, well-established, FDA-approved, extremely researched tools — then my friends, we have an episode for you. 

Tune in to find out more about how you can optimize your brain performance! 

Key Takeaways: 

[1:22] About today’s episode. 

[4:25] Paul introduces the WAVi brain scanner and its mission. 

[6:22] What is the WAVi? What does it look like? 

[8:37] What is an EEG? And what does it measure? 

[9:55] When measuring brain performance, what is the WAVi actually measuring? 

[11:51] What are the tests conducted with the WAVi? What do they indicate? 

[12:46] What kinds of things does Paul see that helps improve scores with the WAVi? 

[15:47] Has Paul looked at correlations between heart rate variability and performance in the brain? 

[16:35] How I plan on leveraging the WAVi at my clinic! 

[20:29] The awesome opportunity that WAVi provides. 

[22:07] What has been the most astounding correlation Paul has witnessed in regards to improving brain performance? 

[25:45] Has Paul done any studies on the influence of alcohol on brain performance? 

[27:57] The next frontier: measuring brain performance, optimizing the human body, and biohacking. 

[30:40] What are some of the key clinical questions that influential biohackers are asking themselves? What are they interested in knowing from an interventional perspective? 

[34:34] As a company, has WAVi looked at kids’ brain health and how it differs from the outcomes they’re seeing in adults’? 

[37:57] Children’s diet on brain performance. 

[40:30] Paul’s key performance indicators! 

[45:48] How did Paul get to this place in his career? 

[48:43] Where to learn more about the WAVi. 

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The Entrepology Performance Labs 

More About Paul Sorbo 

Paul Sorbo is a serial entrepreneur and adventurer. Paul started his entrepreneurial journey at the early age of 19, owning and operating nutritional stores, while also pursuing his degree in Biochemistry and Developmental Biology. Originally wanting to continue his education in Medicine, he realized that through nutrition and preventive healthcare, i.e. diet, nutrition and exercise, he could bring more good to the world by educating people rather than treating them. 

He continued to grow his nutritional stores with his team and by focusing on the people rather than the money, they reached the top two locations in the country regarding total revenue. After ending his retail journey, Paul wanted to be able to reach more people and provide the tools to help them be successful with their nutrition while keeping up with their busy lifestyles. He eventually teamed up with his business partner and began growing Go Mix Technology, a revolutionary delivery method for supplements and nutrition on the go. 

After losing his grandfather to dementia, Paul has always had a passion for living a healthy lifestyle and had the opportunity to be involved with a Boulder-based company WAVi, founded on the prevention of Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Serving as the Vice President of Sales for WAVi, they are on a mission to help provide easy and reliable information about brain performance ranging from age management to concussion information. His philosophy “we look at just about every other marker in the human body — heart, lungs, kidneys — but we don’t look at the thing that runs it all?” embodies what WAVi’s mission of bringing quick, fast, and affordable information of brain performance to everyone. 

When Paul isn’t working, you will find him either on the ski slopes, working out, or spending time with family and friends. Paul continues to advocate for young entrepreneurs and businessmen and women. As someone who didn’t “fit the mold,” he advocates that if you’re passionate about something, work for it; the only one stopping you from your dreams is you. 

Connect with my Guest: 

Website: WaviMed.com 

IG: @PjSorbo 

FB: WAVi and Pj Sorbo 

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Even without using the incredible WAVi to measure your brain performance, there are ways you can begin to optimize your brain health right now! Overall wellness, moving throughout the day, and looking at your lifestyle and overall nutrition — all of these things have a strong correlation to brain health and have been proven to improve brain function! There’s no stopping you from getting started on this journey today. Let us know what you’re doing to improve brain performance by following up with us on The Entrepology Podcast Facebook page — because when you are accountable, you are helpable! 



“What’s so cool about [the WAVi] is that we have the ability to provide objective measurement to the performance of the brain in such a small amount of time, and now we can use that in a number of different things.” — Paul Sorbo 


“For me, … it’s about the lifestyle. How do we get people the most optimal lifestyle to live their best life? … By giving them the ability to take care of themselves by measuring the key performance metrics of their body — including their brain.” — Paul Sorbo 


“The better you feed yourself … the better the performance … in all metrics of the body, including the brain.” — Paul Sorbo 


“The coolest part, in my opinion, about what we’re doing at WAVi is the database we’re continuing to gather. And it’s going to be amazing for practitioners, like yourself, to have a database of all these performance metrics.” — Paul Sorbo