One of the true hallmarks of an entrepreneur is their ability to perceive and constantly adapt to the world around them. 

For this week’s podcast, we’re doing something completely new — we’re having two guests featured! It was super fun to record with these two amazing entrepreneurs, Tracy Hornik and Jessica Wright! Tracy and Jessica are the hosts of the successful Youtube channel and show, She’s on Top, where they interview other amazing female entrepreneurs. 

In today’s episode, not only do we talk about is some of the commonalities between the really incredible guests that they have on She’s on Top, but we also discuss Tracy’s and Jessica’s own entrepreneurial journey. We also get the nitty-gritty on all the things you need to know to launch a successful Youtube channel. There may be a low barrier to entry of the online space, but what these two ladies will tell you — and so many of their guests will also share — is that there’s a secret sauce to actually being successful in the online world. And today, we discuss this secret sauce and so many of the other keys to success in the online world! 

Key Takeaways: 

[1:29] About today’s episode and guest. 

[2:55] Welcoming Tracy and Jessica to the podcast! 

[3:51] Tracy gives background on her own entrepreneurial journey and how she connected with Jessica. 

[6:02] How Jessica got started as an entrepreneur and connected with Tracy. 

[8:38] What She’s on Top is all about! 

[10:51] About Jessica’s commitment to the art of storytelling rather than the box in which that had to happen. 

[12:35] What it takes to build a successful channel on Youtube. 

[19:19] Jessica and Tracy take us through some of the interesting guests that they’ve featured and some of the stories they’ve been able to tell. 

[23:50] Some of the common attributes amongst successful female entrepreneurs. 

[28:55] The most impactful lessons Jessica and Tracy have learned from their guests. 

[30:19] On the topic of failure and why it is okay. 

[32:25] Where do they see She’s on Top going? What is their vision for the brand? 

[35:10] Jessica and Tracy’s key performance indicators! 

[40:40] Where to learn more about Jessica, Tracy, and She’s on Top. 

Mentioned in This Episode: 

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She’s on Top Youtube Channel 

@She’s.on.Top on Instagram 


Clean my Space (Melissa Maker) 

Mabel’s Labels (Julie Cole) 

She’s on Top video with Aisha Addo 

Aisha Addo 

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Power to Girls (Aisha Addo)  

More About Tracy Hornik and Jessica Wright 

Tracy brings over 25 years of business experience to She’s on Top. She started her career as a lawyer specializing in corporate litigation. After several years of practicing, she moved on to run one of the most successful wholesale gift companies in Canada. Then, after raising her young family, Tracy started a photography business and from there went on to make documentary films. 

Before moving into the digital world, Jessica accumulated over 18 years of experience in the television industry. As a former executive producer and Gemini-nominated director; she has created, developed, written and produced award-winning factual entertainment, docu-soap, documentary, comedy, children’s live action and animated programs, as well as shorts and commercials for Canada and the U.S. 

In 2014, Tracy and Jessica formed a partnership and launched the production company They specialized in creating compelling videos that enabled clients to share their story with a large audience extending their brand. They also launched their own YouTube channel creating fun and informative content and were followed by over 20K on Facebook. Tracy and Jessica’s experiences inspired them to create She’s on Top, the community that connects women entrepreneurs. 

Connect with my Guests: 

Website: She’s on Top 

Instagram: @She’s.on.Top 

Youtube: She’s on Top 

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Tracy and Jessica host the incredibly successful website and Youtube channel, She’s on Top, featuring top female entrepreneurs that inspire them every day. So, we’re curious to know which female entrepreneurs are inspiring you right now! Let us know which inspiring practice from their work (or life) you are committed to bringing into your own life! Follow-up with us on The Entrepology Podcast Facebook page — because when you are accountable, you are helpable! 


She’s on Top is a collaborative space — it’s basically by women, for women, because we’re two women! And what we’re doing is telling the stories of as many female entrepreneurs as possible.” — Jessica Wright 


“We wanted to get [female entrepreneurs’ stories] out there to show it is doable — but it’s not magic; it’s not easy.” — Jessica Wright 


“She said to me, ‘I left guilt at the door a long time ago,’ and I thought that was brilliant because how much time do we waste feeling guilty?” — Tracy Hornik 


“[Tracy and I] feel that one of the successes for us or why we work together [so well] is because … we’re both highly accountable for our own behavior.” — Jessica Wright 


“The biggest thing that I’ve learned [from our guests] is: just do it.” — Tracy Hornik 


“If you stick with it … you will figure it out.” — Jessica Wright