Today we are going solo on The Entrepology Podcast — and I’m going to be really clear about what this episode is about! If you have an abundant, unlimited resource of energy in your life and are completely dialed in on systems that radically restore your body on a daily basis… then this episode may not be for you. If, however, you are in a very busy phase of life; are very passionate about what you’re trying to produce and put out into the world; are juggling more than one ball in the air with respect to kids, work, and family; don’t sleep nearly enough; and wish you had a heck-of-a-lot more energy… you may want to stay tuned in! 

 For the next thirty minutes or so, I’m going to be talking to you about something that we have developed in our clinic, Entrepology Performance Labs, called the ‘Radical Restoration System.’ Within this system, there are three key pillars; the three Rs that I use with my patients to help them renew, recover, and restore their body on a daily basis. With just a few tweaks to our lifestyle, our mindset, and to the way that we have always dealt with recovery, we can tap into a whole new world of physiological and energetic abundance. 

Key Takeaways: 

[:16] About today’s solo episode! 

[2:12] Why you might be thinking about rest and recovery all wrong. 

[7:13] How to start approaching rest and recovery in a completely new way. 

[10:22] The three Rs of radical restoration: Renew, Recover, and Restore. 

[11:30] Renew. The three, important Ms (mouth, mindset, and movement) you have control over in the renew process. 

[14:53] Recover. The three Ss (sleep, Saturdays, and the sympathetic nervous system) to leverage in your life. 

[23:46] Restore. The three Ds that need to exist for us to restore effectively (deep and prolonged, destination, and distraction-less). 

[27:16] Summarizing the three pillars of radical restoration: renew, recover, and restore. 

[27:40] Why recovery is different for everybody. 

[29:45] Thanks for listening to this week’s episode! Let us know how you are implementing these practices in your life for a better you! 

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 Mentioned in This Episode: 

Entrepology Performance Labs 

Dave Asprey 

Jenn Pike 

Lief Therapeutics (the heart rate variability monitor) 

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“If you are going to increase your productivity and contribution to the world, we can’t have you running around a third of the time in that reactive zone. … How do you start to restore your system deeply so that you can execute in your highest state more often?” — Meghan Walker 


“There are things that you can be doing and there are ways to set your body up so that it’s actually renewing itself on a daily basis. We actually have all of those mechanisms within us!” — Meghan Walker 


“Our body is renewing on our behalf every day and we can augment those processes.” — Meghan Walker 


“One of the easiest ways for us to change how we recover is to actually pull our community and tribe in along with us and get them to engage in this process at the same time.” — Meghan Walker 


“Let’s change the conversation around radical recovery!” — Meghan Walker