Today I am joined by my friend and fellow Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Alan Christianson. Dr. Christianson is a New York Times best-selling author and naturopathic physician down in Arizona. And today, we’re talking about the role of your liver and detox in actually helping you facilitate weight loss and normal metabolic function. 

 The ideas we’re talking about today may very well be the missing piece for many of you in terms of why your metabolism is not acting the way you want it to. His new book, The Metabolism Reset Diet, gets into this missing piece, which is one of the most important organs in chronic disease and metabolism — your liver. 

 In this episode, we talk all about how the liver is a part of the weight loss and healthy metabolism conversation, how it differs from the role of the thyroid in terms of burning fuel, Dr. Christianson’s approach to resetting metabolism from the perspective of the liver, what optimal liver health looks likes, and so much more! This is truly a must-listen-to interview for anybody! 

Key Takeaways: 

[1:02] About today’s awesome guest, Dr. Alan Christianson! 

[2:54] Welcoming Dr. Christianson onto the podcast! 

[3:44] Dr. Christianson introduces himself and his story. 

[5:52] What is it that drives Dr. Christianson now in his practice? 

[6:46] Why is the liver a part of the weight loss and healthy metabolism conversation? 

[8:49] How does the liver differ from the role of the thyroid in terms of burning fuel? 

[9:37] Has Dr. Christianson always approached metabolism from the perspective of the liver? 

[10:50] What optimal liver health looks like. 

[13:19] The role of sugar in fatty liver disease. 

[15:54] What pushes people over their personal threshold (leading to fatty liver)? Is it a chemical burden or a total fuel burden on the liver? 

[18:00] The different types of ways fuel is burned. 

[19:37] Dr. Christianson’s recommendations for a metabolic reset diet. 

[21:28] What does Dr. Christianson’s average lunch look like? What does he recommend? 

[22:47] Does intermittent fasting have positive implications on liver health? 

[24:34] Is there any easy way for people to test their liver function? 

[25:47] Dr. Christianson describes the relationship between hormonal dysregulation in women and the liver. 

[27:36] Dr. Christianson’s suggestions on what we can start doing today to give our liver the love it deserves! 

[28:52] Surprise liver culprits Dr. Christianson has seen in his practice that he didn’t expect! 

[29:57] Dr. Christianson’s go-to tips and tricks for people who need more energy. 

[30:57] Dr. Christianson’s rules of thumb for balancing out blood sugar with meals. 

[32:38] Is there anyone who’s not a good candidate for the metabolic reset diet? 

[33:27] Is the metabolic reset diet designed to accelerate organ-based fat? 

[34:00] Is the idea behind the metabolic reset diet that if we can reduce the ratio of organ fat in the body, that it will then drive the acceleration of fat loss in those hard-to-lose areas? 

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[38:40] Dr. Christianson’s key performance indicators! 

[43:30] Where to follow up with Dr. Alan Christianson! 

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More About Dr. Alan Christianson 

Dr. Alan Christianson is a Naturopathic Endocrinologist who focuses on Thyroid function, adrenal health, and metabolism. He has been actively practicing in Scottsdale since 1996 and is the founding physician behind Integrative Health. He is a NY Times bestselling author whose books include The Metabolism Reset Diet, The Adrenal Reset Diet, and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Thyroid Disease. Dr. Christianson regularly appears on national media like Dr. Oz, The Doctors, and The Today Show. 

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“The most dangerous thing we can ever do is get too much fuel inside of our cells. There’s not a thing that would kill our mitochondria faster than just too much energy availability.” — Alan Christianson 


“The more we can minimize any extra chemical exposure is a good thing [to protect the liver].” — Alan Christianson 


“There’s a couple of liver pathways that are relevant and the proportion between them is super important. So, many that have struggled with [their liver] are having issues with caffeine.” — Alan Christianson 


“One of the coolest things is adding more resistant starch to the diet [to get more energy] — that’s a compound that is metabolized completely different than anything else in our food supply and it ends up giving steady, even levels of blood sugar.”[Text Wrapping Break]— Alan Christianson 


“You should certainly focus on healthy and unprocessed foods for millions of reasons long-term but if you’re doing 80-90% of things like that, [you can still get results.] The goal is to bring you back to [a healthy metabolic] state.” — Alan Christianson