“Badass,” is a really great way to describe my guest today. Dr. Keira Barr is a global speaker, international best-selling author, educator, and dual board-certified dermatologist who’s been in practice for the last 20 years. But what makes her really exceptional at being able to talk about skin health in an integrative capacity is her own story as a cancer survivor. Ironically, as someone who’s trained in dermatology, she found herself face-to-face with a diagnosis of skin cancer. It was this that was really part of what galvanized her to want to look at skin health from an upstream perspective.

Our conversation today really looked at the ins and outs of sunscreen, some of the key factors that we see in terms of people who have exceptional skin health, and some of the things we should be looking at if skin health is something you have struggled with or want to look at from a preventative capacity.

Our skin is one of the things that we project outwardly; it’s part of our brand. It gives us confidence. It’s critical to us when we’re talking about health but also when we have the confidence to step forward as entrepreneurs on a mission that we are all focused on.

Key Takeaways:

[2:02] About my guest today, Dr. Keira Barr.

[3:29] Welcoming Dr. Barr to the podcast!

[3:53] Keira shares her story and journey that has gotten her to this point.

[7:44] How Keira’s own experience shifted her practice.

[9:49] What has been Keira’s experience working with patients on their skin health.

[12:35] Keira talks about how the brain plays a role in your skin.

[13:45] Keira explains the general side effects of Accutane as well as its impact systemically and from a long-term perspective.

[18:16] Important foods that we should eliminate or include to support skin health.

[22:30] How do we navigate topical skin-care and what are the key ingredients we should be looking for?

[26:15] Keira’s take on sunscreen!

[29:48] Keira’s favorite sunscreens.

[33:19] Keira’s key takeaways for proper skin health.

[34:24] Correlations between sleep and skin health.

[35:28] Habits and correlations Keira has noticed amongst people with impeccable skin.

[39:02] Keira’s key performance indicators!

[44:50] Where to find Keira and her work online.

Mentioned in This Episode:


Coola sunscreen

Garden goddess sunscreen


C E Ferulic by Skinceuticals

iS Clinical

Full Catastrophe Living: Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain, and Illness, by John Kabat-Zinn


More About Dr. Keira Barr

As a global speaker, internationally best-selling author, and educator, Dr. Barr is a dual board-certified dermatologist with over 20 years experience practicing medicine. With all of the discoveries she’s made and her own experience with skin cancer, Dr. Barr has developed a process and path that fortifies your body, your life, and your skin. By working with other professional and entrepreneurial women to revitalize their lives and re-energize their bodies, she has helped them achieve and exceed their physical and personal goals of happiness, confidence, and success. Through her programs, services, and support as the Chief Wellness Officer of Resilient Health Institute (RHI), she is redefining the delivery of skincare.

When she’s not shuttling her two head-strong teenagers around town, snuggling her three pups or sweating it out at pilates, you’ll find Dr. Barr furthering her mission to end the cycle of prescriptions, products, and fad trends the natural way.

Connect with my Guest:

Website: ChooseResilience.com

Social Media: @resiliencyblueprint, @drkeirabarr, & Facebook.com/drkeirabarr

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Let’s get skin-healthy! If you’ve yet to consider the health of your skin — that’s alright — let’s start now! By putting a few of Keira’s key practices into play, you’ll already be several steps ahead of where you were. Making strides towards eating an anti-inflammatory, low glycemic diet; wearing physical blocking sunscreen; and finding just a few simple products that work with your skin can make a world of a difference. Remember to follow-up on The Entrepology Podcast Facebook page — because when you are accountable, you are helpable.



“The skin is like a byproduct; it’s not the first thing [we should] really be addressing at all.” — Dr. Keira Barr


“There’s a significant gut-skin connection. … So, one of the first things I would recommend now is … [look] at what you’re eating.” — Dr. Keira Barr


“The biggest thing is eating an anti-inflammatory, low glycemic diet.” — Dr. Keira Barr


“Your skin is sending you messages all the time and your body is sending you messages. And the goal is to hear them when they’re just a whisper — not shouting.”
— Dr. Keira Barr