Today’s episode was a ton of fun to put together! We decided, as a team, that we wanted to lay down our version (or interpretation) of health and wellness trends that we’re forecasting for 2019. On top of that, we’re also giving you our take on them, what we think is working, and whether or not we think they’ll stand the test of time.

My team is pretty incredible and I’m super excited to give you all the chance to hear from all of them — for the first time ever — all in one episode! With me is Dr. Yashar Khosroshahi, Dr. Anita Davis, and Heather Allen.

We seriously had a ton of fun recording this — maybe a little bit too much fun. We get into biohacking; talked food (from cheeseburgers to adaptogens); and discussed concepts like mindfulness, meditating, and challenging growth. We hope you’ll join us all for the first episode back in 2019!

Key Takeaways:

[1:24] About today’s episode with the Entrepology Performance Labs team!

[2:38] Everybody from the team introduces themselves.

[3:20] Yashar defines biohacking.

[4:00] The team outlines some of the coolest ways to use biohacking.

[6:00] Some more cool biohacking tools.

[8:32] Cautions about engaging in biohacking.

[11:29] The trend of deeply engaging in gratitude.

[11:55] Yashar explains what happens when we move into a state of genuine gratitude and why is it such a powerful idea to engage in.

[14:24] The next trend: transparency and vulnerability.

[15:34] What the team is observing in terms of transparency.

[17:24] Where to go for a really good cheeseburger!

[18:09] Trend #4: meditation studios or brain gyms.

[20:22] Yashar’s recommendations for those who struggle with meditating.

[22:05] My recommendations for getting started with meditation.

[24:16] Trend #5: adaptogens and elixirs.

[26:28] What the EPL team thinks about adaptogens.

[30:41] Another new trend: mushrooms, and what’s so cool about them.

[31:38] How the EPL team is leveraging mushrooms in their practice.

[33:27] Our last trend, going into 2019: embracing the idea that you are enough but still challenging growth.

[36:44] Where to follow up with the EPL team!

[37:20] Wishing you all a happy new year!


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Episode 095: Can You Change Your Brain and Your Attitude in 30 Days? With Suze Yalof Schwartz  (Simple 16-second breath exercise at timestamp 13:10)

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“When we’re in a state of gratitude, we’re not in a state of fear … or anger … or anxiety. … So anyone who wants to understand or feel what it is to be in a parasympathetic, rest and digest state, practicing gratitude is a great way of starting.”
— Dr. Yashar Khosroshahi


“I just want people to get real with what they need to be doing [and] what’s realistic for them to [actually] execute on.” — Heather Allen


“[Biohacking tools] should not be a substitute for actually getting to know your own body.” — Meghan Walker


“Most often, we struggle to be transparent with others because we’re not willing to be transparent with ourselves.”  — Dr. Yashar Khosroshahi


“Sometimes these things that are stressing us out are really just fixations in our own mind — and that’s the idea of meditation; you can separate yourself from what it is [you’re] creating for [yourself].” — Meghan Walker


“Adaptogens work on not just the cortisol level, but in multiple ways to help your body resist stress.” — Dr. Anita Davis