For today’s interview, and future interviews, I’ve decided to feature more of the experts that exist in my own world; my council of amazing people who contribute and provide insight in my own business (and others).

So, to kick things off, I’m interviewing Brandy Kinnear. Brandy is the founder and chief cheerleader over at Your Ideal Patients. She is an absolute trailblazer in the health and wellness industry and knows how to work with doctors in the natural medicine space to help them grow their brand, their practice, and their income.

Brandy has a ton to say about marketing in this episode and I cannot wait to share with you all of her tips, tricks, and tools of the trade when it comes to effective marketing!

Key Takeaways:

[1:58] About today’s interview.

[3:13] Welcoming Brandy to the podcast!

[3:53] How Brandy got involved in the industry of marketing and health and wellness.

[7:21] Was Brandy always an entrepreneur?

[8:52] How Brandy helps those who are in a state of “marketing overwhelm.”

[11:12] The process Brandy gives to those who are unsure about finding a niche.

[15:30] Brandy’s cornerstones of a solid marketing strategy.

[19:19] The difficulties of building an expert brand when taking internet marketing off the table.

[23:04] The importance of an online presence.

[28:41] Brandy suggests where to start (with all marketing options available)!
[32:21] Brandy recommends when to start investing in paid ads.

[37:00] Marketing apps Brandy uses every single day in her business.

[42:46] What Brandy would like her legacy to be.

[45:25] Brandy’s key performance indicators!

[50:56] Where to follow up with Brandy.

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Your Ideal Patients
Guerrilla Marketing

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The Awakened Family: How to Raise Empowered, Resilient, and Conscious Children, by Dr. Shefali Tsabary Ph.D.

More About Brandy Kinnear

Brandy Kinnear- Entrepreneur, educational course creator, digital marketing and social media guru for doctors in the natural health industry.

Brandy Kinnear a passionate advocate of natural health, created Your Ideal Patients- a marketing and consulting agency for doctors that uses digital marketing strategies to help doctors grow their practice, heal more people and make more money. After 12 years in the Field of Integrative Medicine, she has become an expert in both client care, practice management and medical marketing. Brandy is focused on helping practitioners make a bigger impact by empowering them to create and scale sustainable practices.

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“If you’re seen online as an expert … the [easier] all of the other challenges … become … because you’ve done the hard work initially.” — Brandy Kinnear


“Get out of your own way. People need you and [your message].” — Brandy Kinnear


“The responsibility that you have as a social entrepreneur to be able to do good in this world is so strong and so powerful … you can’t afford to pick slowest, least-scalable way; you’ve got to access as many people as possible.” — Meghan Walker


“If you don’t have a solid online presence, the impression of the people that you’re reaching … is minimal.” — Brandy Kinnear


“Yes, you need to build your audience. But … you’ve got to capture them.”
— Brandy Kinnear


“I’m a firm believer in attracting your tribe and repelling the rest.” — Brandy Kinnear


“I want natural medicine to be mainstream.” — Brandy Kinnear