There’s really nothing worse than feeling completely confident going into a situation and then at the very last minute realizing you likely have the worst breath in the world! Today’s guest, Ryan Nolan, is a Dental Materials Scientist. And what I love about Ryan’s story and what I enjoyed so much about this interview is the beautiful intersection between medicine and entrepreneurship that perfectly encapsulates what The Entrepology Podcast is all about.

An important ‘aha’ moment in his career came for him late at night when doing research at his apartment and it dawned on him that silver could penetrate plaque and he hypothesized: what if we could leverage silver to get calcium through biofilm so that we could actually increase the health of the enamel in the mouth? And guess what? His hypothesis ended up being correct! This launched him into a career learning more about biofilms, plaque, and the intersection between what’s happening in our mouth and its systemic influences on our health.

In this episode we go way beyond bad breath and talk about oral care in a way you’ve never been taught before. You’ll never forget to brush your teeth again.

Key Takeaways:

[1:59] About today’s episode with my guest, Ryan Nolan!

[4:21] Ryan Nolan’s background and journey on how he got to where he is today.

[6:35] What is a biofilm?

[7:37] Ancestral patterns that show how teeth have evolved and how we should care for them.

[10:35] Are Ryan and other researchers seeing associations between the oral microbiome and gut microbiome?

[13:34] The types of patterns Ryan sees in terms of dysfunction in the mouth and the systemic effects they could have.

[17:42] How salivary hormones play a role in our health.

[20:41] Ryan explains some cutting-edge, progressive dental evaluations and what we can do better, ourselves, to care for our teeth.

[29:41] Is there a way to whiten our teeth without destroying our oral microbiome?

[31:16] Ryan explains oil pulling and the research behind it.

[33:22] Do we really need to see our dentist every six months?

[36:52] In terms of our own oral hygiene, what kind of tips does Ryan give his own patients?

[42:11] Ryan’s views on fluoride.

[51:17] Ryan’s key performance indicators!

[56:14] Where to follow-up with Ryan and learn more about what he’s up to.

Mentioned in This Episode:


The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Success,
by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, by Greg McKeown

More About Ryan Nolan

Ryan is a Dental Material Scientist and host of the Biofilm Factor Podcast. He currently serves as the Chief Scientific Officer within a novice research group and previously was an Associate Dentist with Collins Dental Group. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry in 2010 and then his DMD in Dentistry in 2014.

He’s extremely passionate about your oral microbiome and biofilm. On his podcast, the Biofilm Factor, Dr. Ryan Nolan discusses the importance of diet, biofilm management and the oral-systemic link with fellow dental professionals. His goal is to help listeners learn how the state of their oral cavity can impact their overall health.

Connect with my Guest:

Instagram: @RyanNolanDMD

Podcast: The Biofilm Factor

LinkedIn: Ryan Nolan

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Diet and oral hygiene both play a role in optimal oral health! Just working on eliminating some of the refined sugars you may have in your diet, aiming to dental floss once more per week than you already do, keeping up with your twice-a-year dentist visits, and eating lots of blueberries (and drinking green tea and sugar-free pomegranate juice), can be VERY beneficial! All these small things add up to eliminate plaque and create a healthier oral microbiome. Remember to follow-up on The Entrepology Podcast Facebook page — because when you are accountable, you are helpable.


“I have had patients with oral microbiome issues, that once we fix them, all of a sudden their gut issues are gone.” — Ryan Nolan


“The studies are showing that women who take Xylitol supplements … actually had a decreased risk for preterm labor and it was very significant.” — Ryan Nolan


“The first problem is really diet. If you have a patient that does all the right things and has great hygiene, that’s awesome. But if their diet sucks, they’re still going to get disease.” — Ryan Nolan


“One of the core values is austerity. We’re really big on simplicity.” — Ryan Nolan


“If you don’t understand the ingredients into what’s going into your rinse or your toothpaste, that’s a problem.” — Ryan Nolan


“Fluoride only gives — even in a maximum situation, assuming everything goes correctly — … about a 25-30% reduction in risk for decay. … But I think that there’s going to be better ways coming up that are going to show larger risk reductions than that.” — Ryan Nolan


“Is [fluoride] effective? Yes. Does it work? Yes. Do you think it is worth it to you is the question.” — Ryan Nolan