There’s nothing like challenging our inner badass than having a dysfunction in our pelvic floor. And today we’re going to talk all about it (and more!) with my guest, Chana Ross. Chana is a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist and the owner of Vital Physiotherapy and Wellness here in Toronto, Canada. She is an absolute expert in her field and she is going to give us the low-down on what we need to know about our pelvic floor and what we can do about improving it!

While it’s easy to joke about the leakage that may occur while performing certain tasks or while playing with your kids, it is sad to me that most of us are not given the opportunity to rehabilitate our bodies and connect with them the way we could if we were working with a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist. I wish for every woman not to have to wear big, plastic underwear in order to feel confident in leaving her house — and instead be able to handle that situation themselves.

So today we’re getting the lowdown on pelvic floor physio — what you need to know, what you can do about it, and the signs and symptoms that you need to be aware of!

Key Takeaways:

[1:39] About today’s episode and guest!

[3:38] Welcoming Chana Ross to the podcast!

[4:34] Chana Ross’s story and how she became a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist.

[6:09] How long Chana has been running her business for and how it is different than Chana’s previous experience as a practitioner.

[8:37] How people’s lives can be changed when they work with a pelvic floor physio.

[11:11] Some of the obvious symptoms of a dysfunctional pelvic floor.

[14:28] Should people be seeing a pelvic floor physio before they have a baby?

[16:17] What’s the experience like when you go for pelvic floor physiotherapy?

[20:40] The role your core plays in terms of your pregnancy and your pelvic floor.

[24:46] What happens if you don’t focus early on healing your pelvic floor.

[26:52] The stigma around seeking help for pelvic floor dysfunction.

[28:14] What kind of training should people be looking for when they are assessing the credentials of a practitioner that can assess and help them in relation to their pelvic floor?

[30:38] What does Chana want her legacy to be?

[31:14] How does Chana define health?

[32:33] About Entrepology Performance Labs

[34:33] Chana Ross’s KPIs!

[39:57] Where to find Chana Ross online.

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More About Chana Ross

Chana is the owner and pelvic physiotherapist at Vital Physiotherapy & Wellness, a women’s health and pelvic health physiotherapy clinic in mid-town Toronto. Her interest in women’s health developed during her pregnancies with her four beautiful children, Rebecca, 10; Maya, 8; Isaac, 4; and Mollie, 6 weeks.

Chana provides prenatal and postpartum physiotherapy as well as rehabilitation for all forms pelvic pain and dysfunction. She is a sought-after educator and teacher and regularly speaks about pelvic health, prenatal preparation and loves to empower clients to take the lead in their health and lifestyle. Along with her team of highly-skilled physiotherapists and allied health practitioners, Chana assists clients of all ages and stages with pelvic health issues such as diastasis recti (“mummy tummy”), pelvic pain, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, pregnancy preparation, and pre- and postnatal conditions, as well as labor and delivery support.

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Facebook: VitalPhysiotherapyToronto
Twitter: @ChanaHRoss
Instagram: @VitalPhysiotherapyAndWellness

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Are you planning a pregnancy, in the middle of one, or are recently postpartum? Now is your opportunity to check in with a local pelvic floor physiotherapist! Just remember to check all of their credentials as per Chana’s recommendations and then be on your way! It’s never too late or too early to get assessed and make sure you’re on the right path for optimal health. And remember to follow-up on The Entrepology Podcast Facebook page — because when you are accountable, you are helpable.


“There’s a huge amount of human connection that is involved in this therapy that I absolutely love.” — Chana Ross


“Even back pain or hip pain can really be a pelvic floor issue. In fact, we have some studies now that say that 95% of women with lower back pain actually have pelvic floor dysfunction.” — Chana Ross


“It’s the physio’s job to make you feel calm. … We see this all day so we ‘get it.’ We are there to make you feel comfortable!” — Chana Ross


“It’s our job to assess what the muscles are doing, and if there’s pain there we’re going to figure out how to teach you to use [your muscles] to get rid of the pain.”
— Chana Ross


“I want my daughters to know that they can do anything … I want them to know there are opportunities are out there for them and that nobody can tell them what the right opportunities are. They get to decide that for themselves.” — Chana Ross