Today I want to speak about what gets in the way of accessing your inner badass, and that is this particular feeling. I don’t have a word for it, but I can describe it: it’s that feeling when you walk into a room, have an interaction with someone, and then depart that interaction feeling absolutely drained. In my practice, I’ve observed that women, more than men, are attuned to these feelings. And the unfortunate part is, these feelings can penetrate into our relationships, get in the way of our productivity, and can get in the way of our ability to amplify within our businesses.

My guest today, Art Giser, is an expert in removing and clearing this energy. He’s been an Energetic NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner for the last 30 years and has a particular focus in working with mission-driven individuals to help them understand and tap into their own energetics, their own energetic karma, and how to get rid of other people’s energy so you can accelerate in the mission you were meant to do. This is one of those factors that is a below-the-surface secret to success!

Key Takeaways:

[2:10] About my fantastic interview with my guest today, Art Giser.

[3:57] Welcoming Art to the podcast.

[4:20] Art takes us through his background and his personal journey on how he got to this place in his career.

[11:16] How long has Art been working with NLP in his own career?

[11:29] What is NLP? And how has this whole system of thinking formalized or systematized into what it is today?

[13:12] About the unique blend of Art’s energetic practice in conjunction with NLP.

[14:26] The way an energetic NLP session works at Art’s practice.

[17:02] How to tap into and connect with the notion of the miraculous self.

[22:01] What’s the deal with picking up on other people’s energy?

[26:12] About the three, free offers Art Giser has for listeners on his website!

[27:02] How to clear your energetic space

[38:05] About the energy that gold has and how you can use it in your daily life.

[40:04] How NLP can be used to invigorate your business.

[46:12] A book I’ve been reading recently, The Obstacle Is the Way, and how a different psychology related to obstacles can enable you to be successful.

[47:28] The purpose of obstacles.

[48:04] About our upcoming Impact LIVEs event in Toronto.

[49:51] Art Giser’s KPIs.

[55:33] Where to learn more about what Art Giser is up to.

Mentioned in This Episode:

UCSF School of Medicine (Visit for three free offers from Art Giser!)

The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph,

by Ryan Holiday


Impact LIVEs (event in Toronto) Oct. 26-27th (Coupon code: Entrepology20 for 20% off)

More About Art Giser

Art Giser was awed by how many people could transform their lives using NLP and he was awed how people could transform their lives using transformative energy work, intuition development, and spiritual development.

He began to explore combining these different areas in order to create something that was more powerful than any one system alone. The result is Energetic NLP. Over the last 32 years, Art has continued to develop Energetic NLP into the wonderful field that it is today.

Infamous for his innate sense of fun, his mischievous way of training and his light-hearted approach, your days with Art will be full of light, joy and a lot of laughter! Art is known for his ability to make complex matters simple and easy to understand. This probably comes from his 11 years managing a research lab for the University of California San Francisco Medical School, 33 years as a life and executive coach, and his 32 years helping corporations develop leaders and high performing teams.

Art has over 33 years experience in and study of NLP, science, psychic development, and energetic and spiritual healing. He studied with all of the major developers of NLP including Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Leslie Cameron-Bandler, Michael Lebeau, David Gordon, Robert Dilts, and Steve and Connie Ray Andreas. He was also part of the NLP research team headed by Leslie Cameron-Bandler, David Gordon, and Michael Lebeau that developed Imperative Self Analysis. He was one of the first two trainers certified by them to teach Imperative Self Analysis. He has also studied intensively with a diverse group of spiritual teachers, intuitives, and healers including John Friedlander — author and teacher, John Fulton — founder of Aesclepion, Joseph Martinez — former president of the Philippine Psychic Healers Association of America, and John Norman.


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“[NLP is] really this study of the nature of subjective experience. What that means is, in NLP we would go: most of your life is not determined by your external reality, it’s determined by your internal reality.” — Art Giser


“Energetic NLP is like a unique blend of spiritual principles, transformative energy work, psychic development, and NLP.” — Art Giser


“Whether it’s a student of mine or a client, we always put their inner wish or their spirit in charge of what happens to them. So not what I think, not why they consciously think; but their inner wish in spirit.” — Art Giser


“When their inner wish and spirit are working as a team, it creates something we call: your miraculous self.” — Art Giser


“In NLP and Energetic NLP, we make use of the fact that the unconscious mind and the spirit really, really respond to metaphors and symbols. One of the easiest ways to access abilities is to just think of some metaphor … and the unconscious mind [understands that.]” — Art Giser


“Enormous spiritual energy is available to help all of us. And when you bring those into your business, the synchronicities and the doors open and everything just … falls into place.” — Art Giser