Today’s guest is a perfect encapsulation of what Entrepology is all about. Cydney Mar is a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a flair for reinvention, believing that the lessons and skills you learn as you go through life are things that can serve you later on in compelling and amplifying ways.

Early in her career, she suffered a tragic accident as a national level competitive figure skater and then found herself in the fashion world. She leveraged the discipline she learned as a skater and used this to be able to build a fashion empire where her clothing was featured on QVC in eight countries for over 15 years! A second health scare (that was a near-death experience) caused her to transition her career once again, not only to focus on fashion but to emerge in the wellness space — and launch her own supplement line!

In this interview, Cydney gives us really incredible insight in terms of launching a project, the way of thinking like an entrepreneur, and how to serve people in a really big way. We talk about health — but really, in particular, talk about the business of building products for people. Cydney has a business now that assists practitioners (or other entrepreneurs) to take a product idea and actually start to bring it to market. Cydney’s story is the perfect blend of balancing health and entrepreneurship, which I know a lot of you will find tremendously interesting!

Key Takeaways:

[1:32] About today’s guest, Cydney Mar.

[3:14] Welcoming Cydney to the podcast!

[3:24] About Cydney’s journey as an entrepreneur.

[10:26] What helped lead Cydney in such a positive direction right after her tragic accident?

[11:51] The first few, early steps Cydney took with her business to get to where she is now.

[16:23] What caught Cydney by surprise when she was just starting out? And some of the common mistakes entrepreneurs make early on.

[20:28] The three concepts to create a successful product.

[23:00] How the transition of Cydney incorporating health and wellness into her purview of entrepreneurial outlets came about.

[27:48] How Cydney has found the development of a nutraceutical product line in the supplement world different than (or similar to) developing products in the fashion world.

[35:00] How being in the wellness space and working with natural health products helps and supports Cydney’s lifestyle as an entrepreneur.

[38:00] Some of the core tenets Cydney is following for her physical health.

[42:15] What would Cydney tell somebody who’s facing change or really trying to get their feet back on the ground? How does she help someone not only survive but thrive?

[43:35] What would Cydney like her legacy to be?

[44:53] About our Impact LIVEs event in Toronto!

[46:40] Cydney’s KPIs!

[49:25] Where to find out more about what Cydney is up to.

Mentioned in This Episode:

Impact LIVEs (event in Toronto) Oct. 26-27th (Coupon code: Entrepology20 for 20% off)

The Thriving Artist, by David Maurice Sharp

More About Cydney Mar

Cydney Mar is a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur with a flair for reinvention, believing that lessons and skills learned to go with you, to help you be your multi-faceted best.

After a tragic accident ended her career as a National Level competitive figure skater, she went on to attend Fashion school — winning design and merchandising awards — and launched her own couture line, Cydney Mar fashion. She sold in high-end stores across North America and went on to launch her wildly successful Cydney Mar Collection on QVC, running in eight countries for 15 years.
Five years ago, she suffered a second near-death experience after mono crashed her immune system and caused her to lose most of her hair.  She turned her attention to her health and put her skills to work and, with the help of her naturopath, created Cydney Mar Wellness.
Today she balances her work, serving her Wellness Clients with healthy, happy choices and her Product Development Clients — people who have great ideas but don’t know where to start. Her legacy work is knowing that if she can help people be their healthiest best, they can bring their dreams to life.

Connect with my Guest:

Websites: and

Social Media for Wellness: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube

Social Media for Fashion: Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube


Skype ID: Cydney Mar, Westmount, iamgeisha

Cydney has some fantastic offers for you as well:

On Cydney Mar Wellness she would like to offer listeners a Free Health Chat PLUS her “7 Day Challenge to Reboot Your Radiance” to help get your glow back. There is a wonderful guide with her 7 Keys for those 7 days, plus an Everyday Fabulous Planner to help get you organized and on your game. There will be 7 days of support emails chock full of terrific information on how to boost your health and beauty.

Free Health Chat:

Reboot Your Radiance, 7 Day Challenge: CydneyMarRadiance

On the design and product development side, she would also like to offer a Complimentary Discovery Call for those who would like to explore the idea of product development and look at the feasibility of their ideas. CydneyMarDiscoveryCall, as well as The Product Development ROADMAP which is the same process she uses when approaching any of her new ideas.

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As Cydney says, the first thing you need to do when trying to get back on your feet is to not rush. When you’re facing change in your life you should not be reactive, but get grounded and nurture yourself. Put time and effort into your self-care because you’re going to need everything you’ve got to heal yourself and rise up to the challenge. If you’ve been neglecting your self-care and trying to rush into a big project, remember to take it slow if you need to! And also remember to follow-up on the Entrepology Podcast Facebook page — because when you are accountable, you are helpable.



“I have found, time over time, that when there’s been a massive challenge in my life, there’s also a deep gift inside of it.” — Cydney Mar


“Challenge yourself and capture the ideas.” — Cydney Mar


“Start small. Start looking at getting the products made [and] start looking at what are the resources … that you have at hand.” — Cydney Mar


“I seem to use near-death experiences as my segue from one career to another.” — Cydney Mar


“I think we’re more like human beans, not human beings. We first need water and sunshine.” — Cydney Mar