There is one concept that if it interrupts the flow in our brain it can take us off the pathway of momentum faster than most other things I know — and that is this concept of imposter syndrome. With imposter syndrome, you’ll believe that the success you’ve achieved has really been created on a false foundation of self — that all of your success was on accident or based purely on luck and you don’t truly have the skills to back yourself up.

So, I wanted to explore this concept and learn how we, as entrepreneurs, can pull ourselves out of this mindset and learn how to take ownership of our capacity to achieve big things in this world. And I could think of no one better than to help me unpack this concept and move through it, than the one and only Susan Hobson. Susan is an NLP Coach, who works with executives, athletes, and people who want to take their game to the next level. She has been a guest on the podcast before and she’s going to be one of our headline keynote speakers at our upcoming Impact LIVEs Event!

This episode, I wanted to reintroduce you to her ideas, thoughts, and capacity to take you to the next level. She takes us through the concept of imposter syndrome (how we get there and how we can pull ourselves out of it), how to interrupt the “Yeah, buts” in our self-talk, how to find clarity and purpose in regards to your mission, and more.

Key Takeaways:

[1:48] About our guest for today, Susan Hobson.

[3:36] Welcoming Susan back to the podcast!

[5:42] What is imposter syndrome and how do we get there?

[9:37] How do we pull ourselves out of imposter syndrome?

[11:53] How do we interrupt the “Yeah, but” in our self-talk?

[13:13] Is there a different dialogue we can engage to get us past limiting beliefs?

[14:53] About Susan’s own experience with imposter syndrome.

[18:44] Does Susan feel that women have a harder time accessing their confidence than men?

[23:18] How does Susan work with people around mindset so they’re in a state of expansive thinking and ready to step forward.

[25:30] How to learn how to take responsibility for your mindset and patterns.

[28:05] Is having clarity and purpose of where you want to go the first step to pulling yourself out the mud?

[29:13] What Susan recommends to those who are maybe a little bit lost about their mission.

[32:30] Calling out perfectionism: why being a perfectionist keeps you on the sidelines.

[36:00] About our event in Toronto: Impact LIVEs.

[37:47] Susan’s key performance indicators!

[42:38] Where to find out more about what Susan is up to.

Mentioned in This Episode:

Impact LIVEs (event in Toronto) Oct. 26-27th (Coupon code: Entrepology20 for 20% off)

The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal, by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz

Elite High Performance

The Mental Gym

 More About Susan Hobson

Coach Susan Hobson is one of the industry’s top experts in the field of success psychology brain training. She created Elite: High Performance Coaching, a science-based coaching process designed to drive your health, wealth, self, business and relationship performance to the next level. She works with professional athletes, executives, entrepreneurs, and busy professionals — all who come to her to help blast through the many hidden performance roadblocks.

Connect with my Guest:

Website: Elite High Performance

Facebook Pages: Elite High Performance Coaching and The Mental Gym

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If you’re a little lost about what your mission is and would like some clarity, do as Susan recommends and that is: know thyself. Every single thing that you’re going after in business, health, money, and relationships all starts from a foundation of self, knowing who you really are, and really getting clear about the value that you bring. Reflect on your motivations and go inward rather than outside to get to know yourself. Remember to follow-up on the Entrepology Podcast Facebook page — because when you are accountable, you are helpable.


“No amount of victories or wins … are enough when you’re coming from a false foundation of self — meaning that you have a belief set or a mindset that you’re faking it.” — Susan Hobson


“I think what I would do with anybody as a starting point is just teach them to pay attention to how they feel.” — Susan Hobson


“There’s nothing more in control than being able to take ownership of what’s living and breathing in your head, and have the tools and discipline to be able to align that and hardwire that autopilot … to what it is you’re going after.” — Susan Hobson


“Clarity is power for the brain. … It is absolutely the starting point for anybody who is going on a mission to achieve big things.” — Susan Hobson


“Perfectionism keeps you on the sidelines.” — Susan Hobson