It’s my pleasure today to introduce you all to an accomplished Naturopathic Doctor and someone who’s at the forefront of her field talking about something we’re all curious about, but never really want to reveal amongst our group of friends — and that is optimal digestive health. Dr. Anita Davis, in particular, has been focusing in her practice on the diagnosis and treatment of a condition called SIBO — Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth. It is pervasive and insidious in the lives of so many of her patients.

Today, we get into digestive functionalities — we break down what is common or normal, and some of the practices you can engage in on a daily basis in order to accomplish ideal digestive health, and the influence optimal digestion has on things like autoimmune functionality to the overall health of your skin. This is a relevant podcast episode for anyone that has ever had a bowel movement!

Key Takeaways:

[1:33] About my guest today, Dr. Anita Davis!

[2:45] Welcoming Dr. Anita Davis to the podcast.

[3:03] Who Anita is, how she got here, and why she’s a Naturopathic Doctor.

[7:52] Why we, as NDs, are so interested in this topic!

[9:00] What is normal when it comes to digestion? And is “normal” common and optimal?

[14:22] Rapid-fire digestive questions: common vs. normal.

[21:55] Do most of Anita’s patients have normal digestion or do most people have some element of digestive functionality that can be tweaked that will have an impactful outcome for them with respect to their health?

[23:19] Anita’s approach to prescribing patients to probiotics.

[25:43] Anita explains the condition SIBO (Small Intestinal Bowel Overgrowth).

[28:19] How Anita tests for SIBO and treats it.

[33:00] Quick lifestyle changes people can do (or stop doing) to support optimal digestion.

[35:18] How Anita defines health.

[37:33] Anita’s KPIs!

[41:41] Announcing that Anita’s joining us at Entrepology Performance Labs!

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World Health Organization’s definition of health

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Entrepology Performance Labs

Entrepology Performance Labs to Book an Appointment with Dr. Anita Davis

More About Dr. Anita Davis, ND

Dr. Anita Davis is a naturopathic doctor, corporate wellness consultant and speaker, yoga lover, travel enthusiast, household manager and mom of 2 young kiddos.

She is passionate about teaching people to be savvy and empowered about their own physiology. Her areas of interest include any and all digestive concerns, stress and mood issues, and perinatal health.

Dr. Anita Davis has seven years experience seeing patients in a one-on-one setting as an ND and is also a public speaker and presenter — having written and delivered science presentations to groups of up to 150 people at the Ontario Science Centre.

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Let’s start working towards supporting optimal digestion! Eat more vegetables, deal with your stress and routine and separate your drinking water from your meals. You need to support your body’s ability to switch from your sympathetic, active fight-or-flight mode into the rest-and-digest mode for optimal health. Remember to follow-up on the Entrepology Podcast Facebook page — because when you are accountable, you are helpable.


“Philosophically, I actually do believe that we all need probiotics.” — Dr. Anita Davis


“Just eat vegetables. … We’re not eating enough vegetables as a whole in North America.” — Dr. Anita Davis


“Deal with your stress and routine — which is easier said than done. But I feel like that’s a huge piece for all my digestive patients.” — Dr. Anita Davis


“If we don’t address the nervous system, and put ourselves in rest-and-digest mode, the body’s not able to switch from the sympathetic active fight-or-flight mode into the rest-and-digest mode.” — Dr. Anita Davis


“Health is homeostasis.” — Dr. Anita Davis