A few years ago, Arianna Huffington famously said, “To be effective, you need to sleep your way to the top.” What she was talking about is not what you’re thinking — it is, however, exactly what she said! You need to sleep.

What I want to talk to you today is not about how you sleep or who you sleep with but how you literally outplay your competition. Today we’ve got a solo episode — so you’re stuck with me! And I thought, on the brink of summer, there is nothing better than to discuss than the physiological importance of — what for it — play! Play is massively important to your health and frankly, your life.

In this episode I explain why play is so important and how this shift in mindset to prioritize can help you become a results-driven entrepreneur opposed to a time-trading entrepreneur.

Key Takeaways:

[1:24] All about our solo episode today.

[3:17] Why we tend to neglect play and why we shouldn’t.

[5:41] One of the concepts that got me to actively engage in play.

[6:49] The many forms play can take as an adult.

[7:21] The interesting framework of games and how it’s the perfect construction to turn on specific physiological pathways.

[10:10] How cortisol and dopamine affect us as entrepreneurs.

[13:05] How we can get our dopamine outside of work.

[14:28] How video games can be the perfect dopamine fix and lower cortisol levels (within specific stipulations).

[17:50] How play not only positively impacts our day-to-day physiology but our longitudinal physiology as well.

[18:17] My two challenges to you!

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Arianna Huffington

Jane McGonigal

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I challenge you this week to add some play into your weekly routine. Plan some fun days — literally plan time away from your inbox and your work so you can cultivate a new type of neurochemistry. A neurochemistry that will breed imagination and creativity and will lower those cortisol levels and allow you to jump back into your work with an entirely new energy. Share your commitment on the Entrepology Podcast Facebook page! Because when you are accountable, you are helpable.


“When I’m a results-driven entrepreneur as opposed to a time-trading entrepreneur it meant that I had to completely shift up how I spent my time, how I reinvigorated myself, and how I engaged my brain.” — Meghan Walker


“The thing about play and the reason why I ask about it is that it is fundamentally, by virtue of what it does to our physiology, the opposite of depression.” — Meghan Walker


“Play is a concept that I feel like we frequently overlook or we stick into a corner — and yet it plays such a fundamental role in how we live our lives and how we conduct ourselves as leaders.” — Meghan Walker


“Play not only has this profound impact on our day-to-day physiology but it actually can have a profound impact on our longitudinal physiology.” — Meghan Walker


“Rather than seek balance at all times in terms of how we work and how we hang out with family – we need to work less on creating balance between these boundaries and work more on simply building a life that is consistent and congruent with our values. How is it that you want to live?” — Meghan Walker