My guest today has such an interesting background. She’s had the pleasure of working with individuals in healthcare over the last 18 years. Seniors in nursing homes, small children — she says she’s had the privilege of being able to witness life from the very beginning to the very end. She believes that when adequate resources are available to all of us the biggest determinant of health becomes our relationship to ourselves.

Destiny Spurrell is trained as a naturopathic doctor, she is a mother of three (aka the CEO of family orchestration), and the co-founder of Soul Spark Sisterhood.

We had a really interesting conversation today because we explore the connection between purpose and health outcomes, the idea of personal leadership, and what we can do as individuals — to not only optimize our own health — but to contribute to the world in a really big way. We got super practical around how to set boundaries in our lives, the elements that go into the creation of a perfect day, how to balance family and career, and how to connect to ourselves and a strong community of women.

Key Takeaways:

[1:33] All about my guest today, Destiny Spurrell.

[3:05] Welcoming Destiny to the podcast!

[3:37] Destiny’s journey that led her to who she is today.

[6:06] How to manage burnout when we just can’t seem to slow down.

[12:09] How do we tap into our energy and get out of our heads?

[16:45] How Destiny navigates the balance between having her children connect with their feelings vs. “shutting off the drama” of their feelings?

[19:57] Destiny’s process of helping someone who finds themselves deeply tired in the daily grind of life and help them to revitalize themselves and truly harness their energy.

[24:52] Destiny’s metrics; what Destiny checks in on to keep herself grounded.

[28:29] The importance of setting boundaries to enable yourself to take care of your metrics.

[35:48] Why the idea of ‘purpose’ is so important to the forward momentum of individuals on a mission.

[39:07] How Destiny balances her purpose.

[40:32] What Destiny would like her legacy to be.

[42:55] Destiny’s key performance indicators!

[49:20] Where to find Destiny online.

Mentioned in This Episode:

Soul Spark Sisterhood

The Five Currencies (Alex Charfen)

Fluid Feminine Movement

The Whole-Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mind, by Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson

Eat Pray Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert

Aspergers in Love, by Maxine Aston

More About Destiny Spurrell

Destiny Spurrell is a wife, a mother of three (aka CEO of family orchestration), a naturopathic doctor (inactive), and co-founder of Soul Spark Sisterhood.

She’s had the privilege of working with individuals in a variety of healthcare settings over the past eighteen years. Seniors in the nursing homes, patients in intensive care and emergency departments, and clients of Naturopathic Medicine. She has witnessed the beginning of life and the end of life which has led her to this one realization: When adequate resources are available to us, the biggest determinant of health becomes our relationship to ourselves.
She believes when we courageously step into our value & influence it is then we are empowered to love in and live out our souls burning truth.

Each and every individual has a unique blend of experiences, perspectives, and insights that inform and inspire collective consciousness. We all hold immense value and influence.

At Soul Spark Sisterhood they are on a mission to have you dive into life’s beautiful moments and to live out your soul’s purpose without feeling too tired, too distracted, or too busy to be present.

Connect with my Guest:

Visit Destiny’s Instagram @SoulSparkSisterhood

Visit her Facebook page @SoulSparkSisterhood to receive their top 5 ways to reduce brain fatigue (for free!) and join the community @SoulSparkSisterhood.

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Learning to draw the line and say “enough is enough” in life can be incredibly important to avoid burnout. Take a step towards learning your own capacity and bandwidth by tuning into your heart and recognizing your internal value. So many of us can get caught up in the next best thing to better ourselves when it is truly more important to look inside ourselves and recognize the potential that is already there. Respect and honor this and you will be one step closer to learning draw the line when it is needed — and share your commitment on the Entrepology Podcast Facebook page! Because when you are accountable, you are helpable.


“There are a million things that would make a difference in our business … [and] in our families [so] when and where do we draw the line of ‘enough?’” — Destiny Spurrell

“There are so many ways that we can really tap into how we’re feeling.” — Destiny Spurrell

“It’s so easy for us in our adult lives … to put creativity aside for productivity; to put the ‘being’ aside for the ‘doing.’” — Destiny Spurrell

“We really have to look at our energy in three different ways … physical energy … mental energy … and our soul energy.” — Destiny Spurrell

“No one else is in your shoes. This is your life; your experience. No one can define [your metrics] for you — it’s really [about] uncovering them for yourself.” — Destiny Spurrell

“If I can do something — one thing — aligned with my goal in the realm of business, Monday to Friday, then that’s success to me.” — Destiny Spurrell

“My purpose is really to show up in my life.” — Destiny Spurrell