Have you ever thought about quitting your job? Just walking in, saying “I’ve had enough, I’m out of here,” and committing wholeheartedly to a new dream. If that is you, or if you know someone who’s had that thought, this episode was created for you!

Sarah Huggins was my guest today — and she has an incredible story to share! Sarah went from a comfy, cozy corporate gig as a lawyer to opening a restaurant — a restaurant focused on healthy, uncomplicated, wholesome food. In this episode, she talks about the criticism, how she stayed clear to her vision, and how she balances her new career as an entrepreneur with three young kids at home. For obvious reasons, I totally resonated with her story, I loved what she had to say, and we had so much fun in this episode!

Key Takeaways:

[1:33] About my guest today, Sarah Huggins.

[2:46] Welcoming Sarah Huggins — and where’s she is currently recording from.

[3:53] Sarah’s journey from quitting her job to starting her dream.

[8:00] Where did Sarah find the courage to open up a restaurant?

[10:40] Where Sarah learned about running a restaurant.

[13:11] How Sarah and I serendipitously met.

[14:00] The differences Sarah has found in her life since she’s begun engaging in this community.

[17:58] Did Sarah have to overcome any parental expectations when she made the switch to becoming an entrepreneur?

[23:27] Sarah’s vision for Mary Be Kitchen and where she sees it headed in the future.

[25:55] How does Sarah balance it all as an entrepreneur with three children?

[28:19] What does Sarah do for herself to maintain pace and level of engagement?

[30:13] What Sarah would like her legacy to be.

[34:45] How Sarah defines health.

[35:44] Sarah’s KPIs!

[38:35] Where to find out more about what Sarah’s up to.

Mentioned in This Episode:

Mary Be Kitchen


More About Sarah Huggins

Sarah Huggins is a self-taught chef, recipe developer, food photographer, and the voice behind the award-winning food blog, Kiwi & Bean. After spending 10 years building her career as a lawyer in New York and Toronto, Sarah returned to her roots. A lifelong advocate for back-to-basics, healthy, and delicious food, Sarah chose to pursue these passions full time through the creation of Mary Be Kitchen.

 Connect with my Guest:

Website: Mary Be Kitchen

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, and her personal Instagram @kiwiandbean.

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“I knew that one day that I had to do something that would really … speak to that side of me.” — Sarah Huggins

“To create a place for people to go — to live their life — that is what really is the most remarkable part about what I get to do.” — Sarah Huggins

“I … just get up and try to do the best job that I can on that particular day.”
— Sarah Huggins

“I … want my children to be proud of me and to be inspired by what I’ve done. I want them to grow up believing that if you work hard and you believe in yourself, you can make a career out of the thing that makes you happy.” — Sarah Huggins