I had the real pleasure today of sitting down with a new health entrepreneur. Rachel Peterson has launched an online brand called Austin Paleo Grrl and has a new food product called We Bee Paleo — a paleo-friendly granola. And what is so cool about someone who has taken so many initiatives is that she’s really only been in the health world for the last two years.

This episode, Rachel shares with us a very personal journey that brought her to a place that forced her to make some very big and strategic decisions with her life. And what I find so inspiring about it is that she picked a journey that not only provided her with hope but is able to augment the health of other people along the way. Rachel is really honest about where she is at right now, the steps she is taking to be able to launch these new health initiatives, how she finds the balance between having a fulltime job while maintaining this other presence as her side hustle, and how she manages to maintain her own health throughout it all.

Rachel absolutely epitomizes the journey that we have all gone through as health entrepreneurs. This is a great interview for those who are looking to understand what it takes to move forward and all of the elements and all of the potential that is actually sitting in front of us.

Key Takeaways:

[1:35] About my amazing guest today, Rachel Peterson

[3:05] Welcoming Rachel to the podcast.

[3:15] Rachel takes us through her journey from her early stages as a health entrepreneur and how switching to the paleo diet opened up a whole new world for her.

[10:15] What is the paleo diet?

[12:50] Can someone be a vegan (or predominantly plant-based) and also be paleo?

[16:15] Has Rachel explored the ketogenic diet in her own health journey?

[18:03] Eat real food and listen to your body to figure out what works for you.

[19:07] More about Rachel’s entrepreneurial journey: What she’s currently working on right now and her plans for the future.

[21:11] The actual, actionable steps Rachel took with her business, We Bee Paleo, to move it forward.

[24:42] Did Rachel always know she was an entrepreneur?

[25:59] When does Rachel think she’ll know when she’s ready to leave her day job and take on her side hustle full-time?

[28:48] Does Rachel consider herself an extrovert?

[31:41] What is on Rachel’s health bucket list? What she is looking to explore health-wise in the future.

[33:15] If we were having this conversation again in three years, what would have to happen personally and professionally for you to feel proud and excited by your achievements?

[35:23] How Rachel defines health.

[36:41] Rachel’s key-performance indicators!

[43:38] Where to find out more about what Rachel is currently up to!

Mentioned in This Episode:

Austin Paleo Grrl

We Bee Paleo


Dr. Mark Hyman on peganism (or paleo-vegan)

Elle Russ on the ketogenic diet


Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach

You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life, by Jen Sincero

Inventing Joy: Dare to Build a Brave & Creative Life, by Joy Mangano

More About Rachel Peterson

Austin Paleo Grrl (Rachel) is a Primal Health Coach in the Austin, TX area.

She enjoys reading and learning as much as she can about nutrition and fitness, cooking healthy meals for friends and family, Pilates mat, and traveling when she has the time! Rachel also moonlights as a kids’ cooking instructor for Sticky Fingers Cooking.

Rachel is also the organizer of the Austin Primal/Paleo/Keto/AIP Facebook group. (AustinPaleoGrrl.com)

Connect with my Guest:

Website: AustinPaleoGrrl.com

Get social: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

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“It took something really dramatic happening to me in order to make me wake up and realize, ‘Hey, I need to take better care of myself and my health.’” — Rachel Peterson

“[The paleo diet] is based on nutrient-dense foods, no grains, no dairies … the purpose is to get people back to eating what’s real.” — Rachel Peterson

“No matter what eating modality you follow, I want to emphasize getting back to eating what’s real, and whole, and nutrient dense — that’s what it should be all about.”
— Rachel Peterson

“Just like with anything, [diet] is so individualistic.” — Rachel Peterson

“I never really thought of myself as an entrepreneur until last year — but maybe it was just something within me all along that I just didn’t realize.” — Rachel Peterson

“You have to get comfortable with getting uncomfortable.” — Rachel Peterson

“Just being out in your community and connecting with others is a very important piece of health.” — Rachel Peterson