In the spirit of badass, I have re-invited a guest for the first time ever on this podcast. I’m really excited to sit down again with my very dear old friend, Jen Oliver. Jen’s energy is compelling and her attitude is so positive. She is the founder of Love FitMama and author of the new book, The Love FitMama Way. Jen’s mission in life is to empower women — postpartum women in particular — to find themselves and their inner strength. She also teaches women how to harness a mindset that brings them abundance, how to discover play every single day, and how to create this coherence and energy with respect to your heart and capacity to love.

This interview was so amazing and I hope you’ll stay tuned to listen to everything my good friend Jen Oliver has to say. We spent time talking about the physiological implications of our attitude and mindset, our capacity to actually control the electromagnetic field around our heart, and ideas of how we get to a mindset that brings us positivity, gratitude, and abundance on a daily basis. Jen is smart, articulate, and has a lot to say about empowering women!

Key Takeaways:

[1:42] About my guest today, Jen Oliver.

[3:29] Welcoming Jen back to the podcast!

[3:48] Jen gives us a recap of her background and what she’s been up to in the last 18 months since she’s been on the podcast.

[7:08] How Jen gets into a state of gratitude and how she stays so positive in life.

[12:18] How Jen initially helps women who dislike their postpartum bodies.

[16:29] A huge component of the Love FitMama way: Creating a consciousness of how you speak to yourself and what mindset you’re putting yourself in.

[18:51] What is the Love FitMama way?

[24:25] How do we make this conversation accessible to everybody and help all women believe that they are worth it and make the choice to self-improve.

[28:20] Jen explains what heart coherence and heart variability is.

[33:43] Heart math: linking science and positivity.

[40:12] About Jen’s business model.

[45:56] Jen’s key performance indicators!

[53:30] Where to find Jen online.

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Lief (heart rate variability monitor)

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A Mind at Home with Itself: How Asking Four Questions Can Free Your Mind, Open Your Heart, and Turn Your World Around, by Byron Katie and Stephen Mitchell

Eckhart Tolle

Deepak Chopra

More About Jen Oliver

Jen is the founder and CEO of FitMama. Jen learned early on that being a FitMama all starts with LOVE and created a movement of empowering women to love their bodies and love their lives. She is a certified Bellies Inc. trainer and specializes in the pre- and post-natal journey of building a solid foundation in the body by pre-habbing and re-habbing the core.

Jen has completed a Master’s degree in Exercise and Healthy Psychology at McMaster University and co-founded LivferU Personal Management Consulting in 2008. She continues to train and coach individuals to achieve their goals and has been a sought-after speaker throughout Canada.

Jen’s athleticism and love for sports led her to pursue her undergraduate education at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario while playing five years of varsity basketball. After Graduating with two Bachelors degrees, one in Honours Psychology and one in Physical and Health Education, Jen went on to work in the field of health and fitness. Her industry career included personal training, fitness instruction, nutrition coaching, fitness competing, educating others through health, nutrition and wellness seminars and fitness club management.

Jen believes nutrition is the cornerstone of optimal health and without the proper nutrients to create healthy brain chemistry, it is impossible to be your best for yourself or those around you. Healthy relationships begin with healthy minds and bodies, and as a holistic nutritionist, Jen takes a mind-body approach to ensure that nutrition and mindfulness form the basis of her coaching practice. Jen is the mother of two young daughters and lives with her husband Chris in Ontario, Canada.

Connect with my Guest:

Website: Love FitMama Podcast: FitMama

Book: The Love FitMama Way: Transforming the Core of Motherhood

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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“What I’m most passionate about … is actually supporting new moms to love their bodies and love their lives.” — Jen Oliver


“What you focus on grows.” — Jen Oliver


“You are your body but that doesn’t mean it is you. It doesn’t mean you are only your body either. ” — Jen Oliver


“The Love FitMama way is flourishing. It’s really about this three-step process; The first one is all about embracing … the second step is all about nurturing … and then the third step is all about enjoying.” — Jen Oliver


“[The Love FitMama Way] is kind of like my new bible for new moms.” — Jen Oliver


“It is a personal choice for someone to say, ‘Yes, I am going to step up to my life,’ and I think that’s a big choice — and it’s a scary choice because … you’ve got to really work for it … and really want it.” — Jen Oliver


“I had to decide that I was going to choose how I wanted to feel every day.”
— Jen Oliver


“At the end of the day, it really does all start from in our mind … our heart, and in the core of us.” — Jen Oliver