Did you know that the quality of health and life that your grandchildren will experience actually starts in the preconceived eggs that you are carrying around in your body? The choices that we make now and the exposures we’ve had throughout our lifetime actually impact the quality of health of your grandchildren.

The conversation around fertility is not something we’ve spoken about yet on The Entrepology Podcast, but I think it’s important for women who are ambitious to have an understanding of how their actions and stress impact their fertility.

My guest today is Dr. Jodie Peacock. She is a naturopathic doctor at the Root of Health in Toronto, as well as the host of the upcoming Canadian Fertility Show. Dr. Jodie has earned her Bachelor of Science at Guelph and has also completed four years of study at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. She is incredibly passionate about women’s health and I’m really honoured to have her on the podcast today. She shares her wealth of experience and we had really open and frank conversations about some of the things that we need to consider as women — especially the choices and the decisions we need to make if we really want to work at “having it all.”

Key Takeaways:

[1:30] About my guest today.

[3:49] How Dr. Jodie got to where she is today.

[4:31] Has Jodie always focused on women’s health in her practice?

[4:53] How Jodie finds balance in her life; the solid staples that she sticks to.

[6:13] Fertility from a proactive perspective: What do women need to think about?

[8:21] What both women and men need to look at before they plan a pregnancy.

[9:55] Easy, healthy, accessible fats you need to add to your diet.

[10:17] Why we’re seeing a decrease in sperm count in male fertility.

[10:49] How does marijuana impact fertility?

[12:20] How to measure egg quality.

[12:43] General guidelines in terms of regulating alcohol, leading up to a pregnancy.

[15:13] How many couples are having difficulties conceiving?

[16:03] Where couples should go to have conversations about fertility.

[17:23] The signals our body gives us to let us know when it’s a good time to conceive.

[19:53] Should women use ovulation kits?

[21:06] What couples should focus on when trying to conceive.

[21:40] Does ambition impact fertility?

[23:20] Is there a connection between endometriosis and ambition in women?

[24:55] About Dr. Jodie’s upcoming Canadian Fertility Show.

[26:50] Who Dr. Jodie wants to see come to the CFS.

[28:19] What couples should do in terms of testing for toxicity.

[29:11] What women should and should not be eating to support a healthy pregnancy.

[31:53] What should couples be looking at in terms of prenatal supplemental support.

[33:36] The importance of taking an activated form of folic acid.

[35:28] What Dr. Jodie would like her legacy to be.

[35:53] How Dr. Jodie defines health.

[36:31] Dr. Jodie’s key-performance indicators.

[39:08] Where to find Dr. Jodie online.

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Root of Health

Canadian Fertility Show

The upcoming Canadian Fertility Show (April 14th)

Canadian Fertility Show 2018 App

More About Dr. Jodie Peacock

Dr. Jodie Peacock B.Sc., N.D.is a Naturopathic doctor at The Root of Health in Oakville. Dr. Peacock has a special interest in women’s health concerns including hormone balancing addressing the adrenals, thyroid and ovarian function. This can help symptoms associated with fertility, PCOS, menopause, weight gain and fatigue. Dr. Peacock is passionate about educating couples on how to optimize their fertility and the health of their future children.

She created the Enhance Fertility Bootcamp program to guide and support as many couples as possible through the wealth of research on the impact of diet and lifestyle changes on with regards to conception Preconception health is critical to ensuring the optimal health of our future generation. Dr. Jodie Peacock’s passion for naturopathic medicine stems from the ability to spend quality time with her patients helping to treat the whole person instead of just their symptoms. She feels very strongly about the opportunity to educate patients and the general public in the use of effective alternative treatments, empowering them to take control of their own health.

Connect with my Guest:

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“This is the first generation that’s not predicted to have a longer lifespan than their parents. So I think there are a lot of things we can do proactively and preventatively to keep our health up so that our future generation does become healthy again.”
— McCall McPherson

“A lot of patients really don’t get enough healthy fats in their diet. … things like avocado, coconut oil … nuts and seeds, butters, things like tahini — those would all be good options.” — McCall McPherson

“I think [couples] should focus on the fun, keeping the intimacy, and the importance of their relationship with one another — rather than focus on getting pregnant.”
— McCall McPherson

“We know the longer you wait and the longer you live a toxic lifestyle, the more difficult it is going to be for you to have a healthy baby. And really, at the end of the day, we want our next generation of kids to be healthier than we are — not sicker.”
— McCall McPherson

“Generally speaking, being on a good quality prenatal vitamin … is going to be a great idea, conceptually.” — McCall McPherson

“I think that if our future generation can be healthier than our current generation that would be a huge legacy piece for me. … Educating practitioners … [and] making sure that this information is getting out so that we can make our next generation healthy would be fantastic.” — McCall McPherson