My guest today is McCall McPherson, a thyroid expert from Austin, Texas, who started up her own clinic after the previous clinic that had employed her shut down within eight hours of her working there. Through her new clinic, McCall completely changed the paradigm upon which she wanted to deliver care and has been extremely successful in servicing patients — not only in her local community — but in the online space as well.

She also started an online, crowd-sourced community after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, that enabled rescuers to reach people in need. Literally overnight, she had thousands of people in this group, and armies of women around the world working to help dispatch rescuers, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This woman is a badass encapsulated. This episode we talk about her journey as a practitioner, her philosophy on building a business, and the fundamental skills she has that help her to put all of these pieces in action. If you are looking for inspiration and want to hear the story of someone who is making a true difference, I have it for you here.

Key Takeaways:

[2:00] About my badass guest today, McCall McPherson.

[4:12] McCall shares her story and journey — as well as how she ended up sharing a stage with Matthew McConaughey.

[7:11] How did McCall build a clinic out of “thin air?”

[10:00] About the technology McCall created for helping victims of Hurricane Harvey.

[11:48] Has McCall always been entrepreneurial?

[12:26] McCall’s philosophical approach to initiatives.

[13:28] How to take action and have the confidence to take charge of your business.

[16:24] The pervasive nature of the thyroid and why it’s becoming so ubiquitous.

[19:05] How do women differentiate ‘normal’ from thyroid problems.

[21:14] What’s the truth of the thyroid? What markers truly indicate thyroid success?

[25:13] McCall’s approach to thyroid care.

[27:30] The two different approaches to thyroid treatment.

[30:14] What adrenal fatigue is and how it almost always leads to thyroid dysregulation.

[34:12] McCall’s philosophy on maintaining health after recovering from an unhealthy thyroid.

[36:38] How McCall finds balance in her own life; The principles she lives by.

[38:11] Is mindfulness and meditation an active part of McCall’s health practice?

[38:55] Finding the time to integrate balance and consistency in her busy lifestyle.

[42:18] McCall’s key performance indicators.

[44:19] Where to find McCall online.

Mentioned in This Episode:

Thyroid Lab Guide

“The Real Medicine,” McCall McPherson, TEDx LakeTravisHigh

Love Warrior: A Memoir, by Glennon Doyle

Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead, by Brené Brown

More About McCall McPherson

Life has a way of forcing us into its plans. McCall went from a thyroid patient to a thyroid expert by way of patients spreading the word about her thyroid treatment all over the damn internet without her even realizing. She created a practice after the one she was employed by shut its doors in a matter of 8 hours. McCall became a mama to two incredible little girls, one magnificent one who has led her on the journey of what is likely cerebral palsy. When hurricane Harvey hit Houston, on a whim she created a method of crowd sourced civilian rescues which ended up rescuing over 2000 people. She then decided to help support these incredible people and hosted an event with none other than Matthew McConaughey, that raised over $100,000 to support these families for the next year. McCall discovered something profound in the last few years, when the door in front of you cracks open, you shut out every nay-sayer voice in that head of yours and you just walk through that door. You’ll never believe what will happen.

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“I started with very low overhead and began to look at medicine in a completely new way — so basically saying, ‘I don’t care how it’s been done before — I want to change everything.’” — McCall McPherson

“Say ‘yes’ to opportunities and see where they take you; put yourself out there and see what happens.” — McCall McPherson

“If you just put yourself out there enough, it’s 1 in 100 opportunities.”
— McCall McPherson

“The longer I do this, the more I really believe that it’s not a matter of ‘if,’ but ‘when’ you’re going to get thyroid dysfunction if you’re a woman. It’s almost inescapable.”

— McCall McPherson

“Every lab’s range of ‘normal’ varies. … So, how can we be accepting things as ‘normal’ if there’s no set standard?” — McCall McPherson

“When I get people to that maintenance phase, the biggest thing that I stress is reasonable expectations. … If you make small, consistent, regular changes that you can sustain … you will make a much bigger impact than going on an insanely strict diet.”
— McCall McPherson

“It’s the true tweaks in our everyday life that change our health long-term.”
— McCall McPherson