How many of you have thought of mindfulness? Meditation, yoga — all of those core buzzwords — as not just acts of relaxation, but acts of leadership. This is the stance of my guest today, Paula Pyne. Paula is a consultant in the mindfulness space and her stance on the matter is that all of these elements — all of these things that cause us to focus on ourselves and who we are and to slow down — are not just tools to help accelerate the success of teams and new startups but are also acts of personal leadership.

I thoroughly enjoyed this interview with Paula because it took an entirely new position on this notion of mindfulness. If you’re the person who rolls their eyes at yoga and are really challenged to slow down in your busy life — then this interview is for you!

Key Takeaways:

[3:57] What a mindful leadership coach is and the journey that led Paula to this position.

[6:38] What is integral theory?

[8:09] The new leadership paradigm.

[10:33] Are we all born with the capacity to be leaders or is there an intuitive capacity or skill set that positions people to be more natural leaders than others?

[13:24] What do we need to tap into efficiently as individual leaders to combat a style of leadership that is focused on bullying and posturing of power?

[15:57] How the platform of leadership is shifting and what we need to do, as women, to help step into it.

[17:26] How do we gather the courage to start making change in our lives and take action?

[21:20] The challenge as a leader of creating an environment that respects patients while also remaining amply competitive in the business space.

[26:47] Paula’s advice to the young, bold, ambitious individuals that need to work on their leadership development before diving head-first into a project or career.

[28:09] What it’s like working in the discipline of positive psychology, and what Paula teaches in terms of self-care.

[30:36] Achieving health optimization through biohacking?

[31:18] How Paula defines mindfulness.

[32:50] Paula walks us through a beginner’s mindfulness exercise!

[40:43] What came up in Meghan’s heart during Paula’s mindfulness exercise.

[41:45] How Paula defines health.

[43:24] Paula’s key performance indicators!

[47:18] Where to find more about what Paula is up to.

Mentioned in This Episode:

Feel the Fear … and Do It Anyway®: Dynamic Techniques for Turning Fear, Indecision, and Anger into Power, Action, and Love, by Susan Jeffers

Uplift Consulting

Core Power in Wilshire

More About Paula Pyne

At Uplift Consulting, Paula serves a diverse array of coaching and organizational clients. Whether in Transition, or as a leader investing in their Workplace, each develops greater clarity, better tools for performance, resilience and a sense of deepened awareness for sustainable change. Outside of Uplift, Paula is an associate and member of the Telfer Executive Programs, Community of Practice, where she teaches her signature workshop, Wellbeing for Leadership Resilience. She’s a member of the facilitation team, with Wilfred Laurier’s Positive Psychology Certificate Program, where she teaches Self Care. She also shares her wisdom and compassionate spirit online as part of the Huffington Post community and teaches yoga and meditation in her community in Ottawa, Canada.


“Uplift Your Leadership Podcast”, hosted by Paula Pyne, Mindful Leadership & Wellbeing Facilitator and Coach  is coming! It will feature content and interviews on an emerging leadership, a natural style of leadership that’s collaborative, resilient, and balanced. We’re at a crossroads, where the old ways, simply put: aren’t going to cut it anymore. Here, we’ll hold space to heighten and uplift the leadership lens, by redefining and birthing new ways of leading and living well. In dynamic dialogue, with world-renowned leaders, you’ll draw on inspiration and crystal clear vision, on redefining leadership success, wellbeing, legacy and purposeful work. Find out more here.

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“I define a leadership coach as very much of a partnership. So, it’s a partnership that’s informed by a foundation of trust and, really, it’s a co-creation of identifying with clients what it is that’s really, deeply meaningful for them.” — Paula Pyne


“Personal leadership peace is fundamental to the growth in our current leadership paradigm.” — Paula Pyne


“Mindfulness is paying attention on purpose and accepting things in that moment” – Paula Pyne


“I don’t think it’s something you can fake when you are a heart-centered leader; there’s an essence of authenticity that is on the surface of your leadership style that is hard to fake.” — Meghan Walker


“[As leaders], we set the tone; and we need to do that by accessing mindfulness, empathy, compassion, patience, and resilience.” — Paula Pyne


“I think if we come together as collective and continue this dialogue to place greater emphasis on leadership wellbeing and success … we can have significant change over time. Let’s plant the seeds.” — Paula Pyne


“Overnight success really takes 10 – 15 years.” — Meghan Walker


“Positive psychology is the study of human flourishing.” — Paula Pyne


“[Mindfulness] is a gateway into self-awareness and to creating the foundation to really get to know ourselves.” — Paula Pyne


“We think we don’t have time for a break — but when you take it, everything actually speeds up in terms of progress.” — Meghan Walker