Today was so much fun! I had the pleasure of sitting down with Abigail Hopkins. Abigail is the Co-Founder of That Clean Life — an online, meal-planning platform for both consumers and healthcare practitioners. Abigail’s goal for That Clean Life is to make healthy eating as simple and fun as possible. She wants everyone to feel incredible in their body, once and for all.
This was such a perfect interview for me because it not only gave me the opportunity to explore health, meal-planning, and spiraling up in terms of how you are feeling — but also to explore the notion of being a woman and an entrepreneur in technology. Whether you are interested in health, entrepreneurship, or how to trailblaze — this interview has it all!

Key Takeaways:

[1:47] Introduction to the guest for today — Abigail Hopkins!

[3:12] Abigail takes us through her journey of creating That Clean Life.

[10:17] What Abigail’s journey has been like as a female tech Founder.

[12:27] Abigail’s engagement in the health and wellness and entrepreneurial communities in Toronto.

[15:45] Tips and tricks to start integrating meal-planning into your everyday life.

[18:06] That Clean Life’s platform, on both the individual and practitioner side.

[20:18] The most common diets people often gravitate towards on That Clean Life.

[22:35] What Abigail wants to bring to light to other wellness professionals.

[24:49] Abigail’s basic principles of nutrition that she wishes everyone would include in their diet.

[26:58] Some key components in Abigail’s health that require more upkeep.

[29:19] Where Abigail sees the health landscape shifting over the next 5-10 years, in terms of health technology and food trends.

[31:33] The trend Abigail is most excited for right now: eating for your microbiome.

[33:33] Trends Abigail sees coming our way with respect to health technology and consumer access.

[34:58] Apps and technology Abigail uses in her everyday life that help her sustain her health goals.

[36:22] When did Abigail know she was an entrepreneur?

[39:43] What it is like working with your spouse in your business.

[41:59] What Abigail would like her legacy to be.

[42:21] How Abigail defines health.

[44:33] Abigail’s KPIs!

[50:33] Where to find more about what Abigail is up to.

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More About Abigail Hopkins

Abigail Hopkins is the co-founder of That Clean Life, a meal planning platform that helps both individuals to meal plan for themselves and wellness professionals to meal plan for their clients. Abigail is a Registered Nurse and a Culinary Nutrition Expert who is on a serious mission to teach the world that eating healthy can be simple and fun.

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“This is never where I envisioned I would be, but … there was a problem, and I felt really compelled to help people solve it.” — Abigail Hopkins


“When you focus on being 1% better every day, by the end of the year you’re 365% better.” — Abigail Hopkins


“I think [good nutrition] comes down to a few things — eating whole foods that you love … moving your body in a way that you enjoy … drinking lots of water, getting enough sleep, and most importantly: nourishing your social connections.” — Abigail Hopkins


“Social connections are so important to your health.” — Abigail Hopkins


“I was always trying to look for this magical pill — this one thing that would solve everything. What I’ve learned over the years … is just stick with the basics.”
— Abigail Hopkins


“Just like there are 7 billion people on this earth, there are 7 billion genotypes. So it really makes sense to me that the way our genes are expressed will impact things like our metabolism, our cravings, weight gain — and how we respond to food in general.”

— Abigail Hopkins


“What I think I’m most excited about right now … is eating for your microbiome.”

— Abigail Hopkins


“In my opinion, an entrepreneur is someone who’s decided that they can do whatever they want with their life.” — Abigail Hopkins


“Continuous self-reflection and clear communication are really key when working with your spouse.” — Abigail Hopkins