Welcome to 2018, everyone! I wanted to kick-start the front of January by having a little solo time with you, so this is just a short little podcast. We’re into that second week of January and this is when all those New Year’s resolutions start to dwindle, lose their fizzle, and it becomes hard to keep going.

If this is something you can relate to or you work with clients that could relate to this then this is for you! So what I want to talk about in today’s episode is: What are the things that distinguish people who consistently hit their goals from those who cannot?

Key Takeaways:

[1:23] The classic paradigm of the New Year’s resolution.

[2:04] People with a sense of purpose can get to where they want to go; the strategy behind sticking to goals.

[3:25] The challenge of January — the greatest time of the year to take a look back, reset, and refocus your goals for the coming year.

[5:19] Really good goals require really strong planning. I challenge you to do some tweaking on your goals.

[6:00] Divide your goals; creating goals that fit separate categories.

[6:21] The two types of goals: Goals that define our means, and mission-based goals.

[8:06] The main distinction between people in my practice that get better quickly from those that get stuck — purpose.

[9:53] Means-based goals vs. mission-based goals.

[13:33] My call to action to you!

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Whether it is related to the impact you want to have in the world, how you want to parent, or the dress size you were hoping to have by the end of this year — you need to pair that means with a mission if you want to see it happen. You guys are go-getters, you have a mission. Lay it down in our Entrepology Facebook Group, create some clarity, and you will understand the next right step.


“Looking at goals and looking at where you want to go over the course of the year I actually think is one of the most important things you can do with respect to your health.”

“When you lack clarity in your life — when you’re not sure where you’re going — it’s really hard to make decisions that are supportive of anything in particular.”

“[When] you don’t know what impact it is that you want to have, it’s really difficult to put one foot in [front of] the other because you don’t know what direction you need to be headed.”

“Really good goals require really strong planning.”

“What I’m really interested in is pairing these means-based goals…  with what I call mission-based goals.”

“The distinction between the people that get better… versus stagnant is a clearly-defined sense of purpose.”

“Purpose is bigger than you.”