I had so much fun with this interview today because it was the perfect coming-together of themes that I’ve been talking about with clients and patients all week long: the notion of confidence and finding your authentic self.

Our guest today, Razi Berry, is a mother of three, health advocate, badass entrepreneur, business woman, and a role model to me and so many others. She is the editor of the naturopathic news and review website NDNR and the host of the website Natural Path — and together they receive over one million hits a year!

As you listen to Razi, you’ll realize she’s an incredibly gentle soul with a fierce purpose. This interview is full of nuggets about finding your inner badass, driving your business, and how to really find that reconciliation of someone who’s not always the loudest voice in the room, but can be just as powerful.

Key Takeaways:

[2:37] About my guest today, Razi Berry.

[4:14] Overcoming illness — Razi’s journey and background.

[6:22] How Razi became involved in naturopathic medicine.

[7:55] The breadth of evidence for naturopathic medicine.

[10:30] The mysterious vital force that guides all of our lives and the uniqueness of naturopathic medicine.

[13:10] The unique framework and power of naturopathic medicine.

[14:14] Evaluating opportunities as an entrepreneur through intuition and instinct.

[17:25] Managing her busy lifestyle; tapping into intuition daily to stay balanced.

[20:57] Rising above the occasion and serving as a role model for her children.

[21:39] Always learning — homeschooling, traditional education, and learning outside the classroom with her children.

[24:25] Razi’s ‘aha’ moment in her health journey.

[27:24] Emerging health trends to come and continue in 2018.

[32:56] The commonalities among thought-leaders and the lessons Razi has learned from hosting Dream Business Summit.

[32:32] How to accelerate confidence growth.

[41:00] How Razi manages and sets boundaries in a negotiation or a contract with a person or business in a position of power.

[48:05] What Razi would like her legacy to be.

[48:30] Razi’s definition of health.

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[49:20] Six rapid-fire questions! Razi’s KPIs.

[52:30] Where to find Razi online.

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“I’m not against science because nature is science.” — Razi Berry

“Healing does not happen in a petri dish.” — Razi Berry

“A lot of my advocacy in the summits that I do … is really to show people … how naturopathic medicine is different and unique.” — Razi Berry

“I think that our differences are what give us our strengths when we come together.”

— Razi Berry

“When you are really hyper-focused on a … particular area of expertise, your growth is so exponentially faster than the generalist.”

“One of the big secrets is that there are no secrets.” — Razi Berry

“Confidence is easy when you’re authentic.”


Razi Berry is the founder and Publisher of the award-winning publication Naturopathic Doctor News & Review, (NDNR.com),  The international Journal of Naturopathic Medicine and the authoritative naturopathic medical  resource for patients, NaturalPath.net

She is host of the successful consumer health events The Natural Cancer Prevention Summit, TheHeartRevolution.org and The Sugar Free Summer.

She co-owned a successful naturopathic practice for 14 years and in 2017 was awarded the prestigious title of Champion of Naturopathic Medicine by the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

Razi lives in Scottsdale, AZ where she homeschools her two daughters and works as a natural medicine advocate and consultant. This year she has launched the first Mastermind for Naturopathic Doctors called the Vis Network Mastermind, where she mentors and empowers physician’s to take there business to the next level.


FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/NDNewsReview/


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