Today’s episode is super fun. I’m hanging out with Shari Caplan, a traditionally trained medical doctor who has come to embrace functional medicine and the role that adequately balanced hormones play in our lives. She has an incredible clinic in Toronto that integrates medicine, meditation, movement, and all of the things that make us healthy, all under one roof.

In our interview, we get into the nuances of hormonal imbalance and how hormones influence your neurology, your digestion, your vitality and your capacity to think clearly. We also took a spin on this that is supported by medical literature but is infrequently spoken about, namely the effects of concussions and brain trauma on your hormonal health.

If you know someone who has a traumatic brain injury, have kids that are playing sports, or you yourself have ever bumped your noggin, this is the interview for you.

Key Takeaways:

[3:00] Dr. Caplan’s personal hormonal health concerns led her to functional medicine.

[7:26] Dr. Caplan loves treating the root cause and whole person.

[10:29] We tend to dismiss the most important steps to good health. Do we need to change the compensation model to encourage more MDs to incorporate functional medicine?

[15:16] How can traumatic brain injury be related to hormone imbalances?

[22:31] Brain inflammation shuts down the ability to produce hormones.

[26:34] Hormones help with repair and regeneration.

[31:20] What hormone tests should you have done?

[33:07] Conventional medicine overlooks the gut-brain connection.

[36:38] Eat real food. Manage stress. Balance your hormones and replace deficient nutrients.

[39:36] Dr. Caplan’s legacy is to shift people’s health for the better.

[40:15] Health is more than the absence of disease.

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[41:01] Let’s look at Dr. Kaplan’s key performance indicators!

[43:36] Here’s how to follow Dr. Kaplan.

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“It’s never just about the hormones.”

“Hormones are one piece of the puzzle but there are so many other aspects of health that are important to make someone feel well.”

“Invest in your health, it’s the best asset you’ll ever have.”


Dr. Caplan excels at whatever she does and has always been ahead of her time.

She graduated Medicine with Honours at the age of 24 from the University of Toronto. From there, Dr. Caplan went into Family Practice at the Women’s College Hospital where she was the Chief Resident.

She was the only Resident to do a 3 month Obstetrical Fellowship within her Family Practice training. She was the first F.P. Resident to go directly to a staff position at Women’s College Hospital, where worked for over 20 years as Family Practice Inpatient Attending, delivering babies, seeing Outpatients, and teaching residents and medical students . Dr. Caplan is also a Lecturer at the University of Toronto.

As a result of her expertise in Women’s Health, Dr. Caplan was given a GP Focused Designation in Gynecology in 2011.Her areas of expertise are Women’s Health, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Low grade Infertility, Breastfeeding counseling, Postpartum depression, PCOS, PMS, Perimenopause and Menopause.

She is amongst a few Canadian physicians to have become Board Certified in Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine and formalized her training in 2011 with a Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative and Function Medicine (FAARM).

On top of it all, Dr. Caplan has a Fellowship in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine with the Metabolic Medical Institute. It is her intent to use this knowledge and experience and help optimize your health.







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This week’s call to action is to support brain and hormonal health by implementing strategies for stress management. What is one thing you can incorporate daily to help your body manage stress? An extra hour of sleep, taking a mindful minute or asking for help. Whatever it is, share your commitment on our Entrepology Facebook page. Because when you are accountable, you are helpable.