The last time I had a chance to chat with this particular guest we were on a bus on our way to Banff because we sit on a medical advisory committee together. Dr. Leigh Arseneau has the capacity to take any health concept and dig deeper and deeper. We went off on tangents; we found ourselves in holes but the key thing that happened in our conversation today was that we managed to consistently paddle upstream. If you are looking for the answers and the pill that matches the outcome, this is not the interview for you.

Today we went up the stream and around the corner to my favourite place to hang out: we tried to understand why disease develops in the first place. We got into the functional medicine matrix, we talked epigenetics, we looked at molecular and cellular biology, we talked about precision medicine as the future of medicine and we looked at some of the predictive biomarkers that we need to understand in order to predict disease decades before it comes into play. If you are interested in performance and health from a preventative standpoint, this is the interview for you.

Key Takeaways:

[3:16] Dr. Arseneau got into functional medicine because it fit a vision that he had.

[5:10] How is functional medicine different from conventional medicine?

[9:29] We must consider immune and inflammatory markers. The gastrointestinal system is central to health.

[12:03] Hormone imbalance is an effect, not a primary cause.

[13:13] Look beyond your diagnosis.

[17:19] To prevent disease, you need to become informed.

[19:16] What are the three most important lifestyle factors you need to be aware of to stay healthy?

[20:40] Multi-tasking is not healthy.

[25:52] The future of healthcare is precision medicine.

[30:04] Prevention medicine is cost-effective.

[30:21] It’s important to ask why it is that right now the focus is kept on treating diseases rather than preventing them.

[30:39] It takes commitment to maintain your health. You must invest in yourself and in your family.

[35:46] Should everyone be on supplements?

[37:49] What does everyone need to upregulate in their systems?

[39:35] Some people will need extra detoxification support.

[40:37] Avoiding electronics at night is beneficial.

[43:21] Dr. Arseneau wants his legacy to be making an impact on humanity through his God-given gifts. He hopes that others will do the same.

[44:55] Health is a state of mind. Health is a choice.

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[46:31] Let’s look at Dr. Arseneau’s key performance indicators!

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“People think that function and health is a consequence of age. We know … people in their eighties and nineties [thrive].”

“It’s not like we have to slowly decline after the age of thirty-five.”

“If you don’t find time for health now, you will have to find time for illness later.”

“It’s nine times more expensive to treat the disease than to prevent it.”

“People generally are not looking into their health until they have a problem.”


Medical Director & Naturopathic Physician specializing in Functional Medicine

Dr. Leigh Arseneau is a Naturopathic Physician, who specializes in Functional Medicine. He is the Director of the Centre for Advanced Medicine, the Chief Naturopathic Physician for the Canadian Center for Integrative Medicine in Markham and a Medical Advisor for the Centre for Restorative Medicine.

Dr. Arseneau has co-authored several research papers on the benefits of Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy, essential fatty acids, thyroid treatment and integrative pain management. He has also conducted over 100 lectures for patients and physicians alike and has appeared as a guest speaker on national and local television broadcasts.With an emphasis on understanding research-based mechanisms of disease to restore health using integrative medical strategies, he sees a wide variety of complex health concerns and has been practising Functional Medicine for the past 11 years.

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