By being proactive we can prevent personal health crises and natural disasters.

On Friday I gave a talk at Mind Body Reset entitled “What Diabetes and Hurricanes Have in Common.” This episode, based on that talk, is a call to action for all of you. I can’t think of a better audience to speak to on this topic because those of you who are listening are the doers of this world. You’re not people who are okay or satisfied with fine, and you are people who are willing to pick up a call to action and do something. We need to do something good for this world. I honestly believe that when people are well, they can change the world. I do what I do because I know that if teachers and parents and CEOs and entrepreneurs are strong and healthy, then they can invoke change in their communities with their ideas, inspiration, and actions.

In the next few minutes, I’m going to tell you what diabetes and hurricanes have in common, and what you can do to move the needle on one of the most important issues we are facing as a collective group of people.

Key Takeaways:

[1:39] This episode is a call to action.

[3:47] Mother Nature is angry.

[4:56] Diabetes takes years to develop, and we must take deliberate action.

[7:23] Nature is beginning to buckle under the pressure we are applying against it.

[7:58] So what do hurricanes and diabetes have in common?

[8:24] People use sugar for a rapid energy boost.

[12:28] Sugar is particularly problematic if a system is already challenged.

[13:39] If you abuse your body, your cells may stop listening.

[16:42] Most pre-diabetic people think they are fine.

[18:06] Drugs to lower cholesterol complicate blood sugar problems.

[19:55] Right now is the prime time for a change, for our health and the health of the planet.

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“When you push, and push, and push against a biological system, eventually that system will begin to push back.”

“I honestly believe that when people are well, they can change the world.”

“Mother Nature is angry.”


Dr. Meghan Walker is a naturopathic doctor, serial entrepreneur and mother. She graduation from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and completed a science degree, with a focus in reproductive physiology from the University of Waterloo. As an entrepreneur, Meghan started and sold her first business while in University and went on to found the Canadian Chapter of a national Youth Engagement Organization called Millennium Kids. Millennium Kids, taught responsible social activism in schools across Canada, Australia and South Africa.

Meghan is a Co-founder and past CEO of the digital health media start-up, Bright Almond, and she has most recently launched ‘The First 18’, an online incubator for new clinician entrepreneurs and Legacy, a community of go-getters looking to optimize their health and performance. Meghan maintains a boutique practice in Downtown Toronto, catering to entrepreneurs and inspired individuals looking to maximize their body and brain. When not satisfying her entrepreneurial itch, she is hanging out with her three little girls and super supportive husband.



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