Do you struggle to achieve balance in your life? Don’t worry! You’re not alone.

In today’s show, I’m switching things up a bit, and I do not have a guest to interview! Between every 10-15 guests, we’ll take a mini break from that format, and go into a solo show. So, today’s solo show is about achieving balance in your life, especially as we transition from summer into the fall.

I was watching my daughter ride her bike without training wheels the other day, and some inspiration came to how riding a bicycle is the perfect metaphor for living our real life. Oftentimes, when we are stressed, we think taking a screeching halt, and putting everything on pause is what will give us balance, but this is wrong!

As anybody who has ever ridden a bike knows, the slower you go on a bike, the more dangerous things become. In order for us to properly achieve balance, we need to learn how to coast on our bicycle, and ride on the momentum of our hard work. Find out more about achieving balance on this week’s episode!

Key Takeaways:

[1:35] I don’t have a guest for this week’s episode! Let’s take a mini break to reflect as we transition from summer into fall.

[2:05] How do you achieve balance when the seasons change and get busier?

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[5:00] We all strive for balance in our lives. We’re searching for it every single day.

[6:00] We try to come to a screeching halt when striving for balance, but for anyone who has ever ridden a bike, they will know that the slower you go on a bike, the more dangerous it becomes for you.

[7:05] Following the riding-the-bike metaphor, instead of trying to stop suddenly, look for opportunities in your daily live to coast; ride the momentum of your hard work.

[7:35] How can we actively, and consciously, engage in a break?

[9:25] You don’t need a ten-minute break every hour, you need a minute, or even 30 seconds, to step away from your work and recharge.

[10:00] Do you experience energy crashes in the afternoon? Getting sugar or a coffee into your system is not the answer.

[11:35] Don’t have time to go to the gym? Lack of movement is another factor as to why you are struggling to achieve balance.

[12:45] Adults typically don’t play anymore, but just because you’re no longer a child, and have bills to pay, this doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to have fun. Try and incorporate more play time into your life.

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[17:35] We have a fantastic list of guests lined up for the fall, and they will be talking about how you can have more play in your life.

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“What an incredible metaphor riding a bike is for living your real life.”

“When people say they don’t have enough time, usually what they mean is they don’t have enough energy.”

“Balance doesn’t come because it’s scheduled. Balance comes because it’s floating in front of you and you take it.”


Dr. Meghan Walker is a naturopathic doctor, serial entrepreneur and mother. She graduation from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and completed a science degree, with a focus in reproductive physiology from the University of Waterloo. As an entrepreneur, Meghan started and sold her first business while in University and went on to found the Canadian Chapter of a national Youth Engagement Organization called Millennium Kids. Millennium Kids, taught responsible social activism in schools across Canada, Australia and South Africa.

Meghan is a Co-founder and past CEO of the digital health media start-up, Bright Almond, and she has most recently launched ‘The First 18’, an online incubator for new clinician entrepreneurs and Legacy, a community of go-getters looking to optimize their health and performance. Meghan maintains a boutique practice in Downtown Toronto, catering to entrepreneurs and inspired individuals looking to maximize their body and brain. When not satisfying her entrepreneurial itch, she is hanging out with her three little girls and super supportive husband.



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