Are your deep beliefs about money keeping wealth away?

In today’s show I got to have a really cool conversation. We talked about something that everyone thinks about, but no one really wants to talk about, and that is money. Money is an issue, and whether we like it or not, we all hold beliefs around money. Some of us believe that money is a bad thing, that it is evil. Others have evolved to a place where they allow money to flow into their lives freely and easily. We hear about these people; they are like myths, like mermaids. It’s rare to get to sit down with one and really understand what that mindset looks like in real life, but that’s what I did today.

Today I sat down with David Binns. David is a real estate agent by background and training, and a contributor to the self-improvement movement. We looked at the concept of money mindset, and learned how to transition our way of thinking to allowing money to flow toward us. The conversation was insightful. It gave me goosebumps throughout, and it was really foundational to addressing a concept that I believe is important to everybody’s health; financial freedom. This conversation is a gateway to the liberation that comes from looking at money in a whole new way.

Key Takeaways:

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[3:58] David grew up in a lower class family in an affluent town, and his self-improvement journey began when he saw Tony Robbins on TV.

[7:05] David recognized that he was no different than a wealthy person, and that he could achieve financial freedom.

[8:50] Money is not mechanical.

[12:09] Where should you start if you know you have a limiting view of money?

[13:34] How do you stay in a place of abundance?

[16:20] Trust is not entitlement.

[17:13] We acquire much of our money mindset in our family of origin.

[18:45] David is unwilling to give up on what’s possible.

[21:03] Is money a problem to be solved?

[22:57] Be specific about what you’re asking for.

[23:45] Invest in yourself.

[25:05] David examines his health and the impact he wants to have on the world.

[26:28] Most people don’t know what their purpose is, or they don’t know that they know.

[29:24] Your purpose will evolve.

[29:53] David’s purpose is to be a leader and a contrarian.

[30:54] What does David want his legacy to be?

[32:43] Health is having your mind, heart, and body reflect how you want to experience life.

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[33:20] Let’s look at David’s key performance indicators!

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“The foundation of money is trust.”

“We have to wrap our heads around the concept of money if we are ever going to be at a place where we are truly free.”

“If you don’t trust that you can have everything you desire in life, it ain’t gonna show up.”


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