Subtitle: Today we’re talking to a holistic nutritionist about managing blood sugar to optimize your life.


Today I sat down with Heather Allen. Heather is a nutritionist, an entrepreneur, and all around community builder. She’s a queen on Instagram and someone you absolutely have to know. Heather has a love affair with food, and has an innate capacity to take complicated concepts and turn them into something simple that you can easily cook up in your own kitchen. We talked about fermented food, building community, and the concept of “hangry,” and the blood sugar balancing that we all need to do to be able to optimize ourselves on our daily mission. This is a practical talk about how to put things into action, and how to take your body and your physiology to the next level, with the decisions that you make day in and day out, each time you make the choice to eat another meal. You’re gonna love it!

Key Takeaways:

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[2:26] Heather’s entrepreneurial journey began in retail, but she realized that something was missing.

[4:12] Heather realized that when she had travelled in Southeast Asia she felt great, because of the food that she was eating.

[6:55] Heather decided to go to school for holistic nutrition, so that she could sort through all of the conflicting information about food.

[7:54] Why does it take so long to make the connection between food and health?

[9:23] Our society has conditioned us to prefer to take medication rather than change our lifestyle.

[9:58] How does food affect our mood?

[12:24] How can you avoid becoming “hangry”?

[13:19] Fasting can make our cells more resilient.

[15:40] What are the signs of poor blood sugar management?

[17:43] Stress management is more than just managing your to do list.

[18:53] How can you maintain your energy through the afternoon?

[22:07] Protein and fat are important for balancing blood sugar.

[25:39] There are lots of healthy options for vegetarians.

[27:25] Most people eat the worst kind of breakfast.

[28:44] Food and community are intricately connected.

[31:16] Why is fermentation key to our overall nutrition picture?

[32:54] Health is being free.

[33:32] Thank you to our sponsor, The Interpreting Your Genetics Summit.

[34:53] Heather’s morning routine includes warm lemon water and gardening.

[36:02] Heather is reading The Color of Our Sky: A Novel, by Amita Trasi.

[36:40] Heather is consistent with making quality decisions about her food.

[37:56] Heather loves to be in nature.

[38:12] Entrepreneurship can be innate or it can be learned.

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“Food was no longer about simply fueling my taste buds.”

“After getting a taste of a vibrant life and feeling really great, it’s really hard to go back to feeling mediocre.”

“There’s a lot of really bad [food] information … There is an excess of information, and it’s really tough to navigate.”

“We weren’t designed to eat refined carbohydrates.”

“You can totally get enough protein with a vegetarian or vegan diet.”


Heather Allen is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and honours graduate of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. She helps simplify the confusing world of nutrition via 1-on-1 consultations, workshops, group programs and seminars. She is a super smart nutrition warrior with a contagious spirit and an all encompassing, real-deal approach to health & wellness. She works alongside Dr. Meghan Walker, ND to support the nutrition and lifestyles of some of the countries top business leaders, moms and vibrant life seekers. As a wellness entrepreneur, Heather acknowledges that community and social interaction is an important part for living your most awesome life. As a result, she co-founded ByNature where she hosts workshops, events and retreats to help people connect “offline” while learning new skills such as DIY natural body care products, fermentation 101 and so much more. For more information about Heather, check out her website @ &


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