Dr. Kristy Prouse, chief medical officer at the Institute for Hormonal Health, is talking to us about mindfulness, adrenal fatigue, and a holistic approach to balancing hormones.

Today I’m joined by Dr. Kristy Prouse. Dr. Prouse is an OBGYN who has gone on to discover the world of functional medicine. Dr. Prouse is an associate professor at the University of Toronto and is the founder and chief medical officer at the Institute for Hormonal Health. She has walked the full spectrum of medical experience, and she has landed at a place where she is able to address people’s health through a lens of hormonal balance, with so many tools in front of her. We had a really enlightening conversation about how we assess and treat hormones, the pressures that cause these things to run amuck, and ways that we can go about controlling them without applying the birth control pill as a universal tool. It was a really fascinating conversation because we were able to have it from a perspective that gave us access to multiple ways of thinking about our hormones and our bodies, and ultimately their effects on our brains and our performance out there in the real world. It was an enlightening conversation for me personally, and I know it’s going to be fascinating to all of you.

Key Takeaways:

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[2:48] Dr. Prouse’s own health crisis brought her into the world of functional medicine.

[5:25] How did Dr. Prouse’s colleagues react to her new paradigm?

[8:00] Many patients know that they aren’t okay, even though their blood work looks normal.

[9:29] Many undiagnosed health issues can be tracked back to stress and adrenal fatigue.

[9:55] What is cortisol dysregulation?

[11:57] Preventing adrenal fatigue is about connecting mind, body, and spirit.

[14:32] Even if you believe you are good at managing stress, you may be taking on too much.

[15:46] How is adrenal fatigue related to estrogen dominance?

[18:09] Stress and environmental toxins can both throw off our hormones.

[20:05] How can we avoid environmental proponents of estrogen dominance?

[22:44] How should you feel if your hormones are balanced?

[25:51] If you have abnormal periods, birth control is definitely not the only solution.

[29:50] What is the best way to assess sex hormone balance?

[31:15] What is the least interventional birth control method?

[33:03] We underestimate the physiological damage caused by stress.

[36:42] Dr. Prouse tells us her hormonal health hacks.

[40:36] Health is so much more than the absence of disease.

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[43:27] Dr. Prouse is not a morning person.

[44:28] Dr. Prouse enjoys reading about quantum physics.

[44:53] Mindfulness has become a constant in Dr. Prouse’s health.

[45:53] Dr. Prouse loves to travel with her husband.

[46:28] Entrepreneurs are born.

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“I left my old way of thinking behind and … embraced this idea of a holistic approach and getting to the root cause.”

“A good chunk of what I see everyday … [are adrenal fatigue issues].”

“We can choose to show up differently in the world.”

“A healthy mindset helps us get healthy and stay healthy.”


Dr. Kristy Prouse MD FRCSC is an obstetrician/gynecologist with additional training in functional medicine.  Dr. Prouse is an associate professor at the University of Toronto, medical advisor to In-Common Laboratories, founder and Chief Medical Officer at the Institute for Hormonal Health- an integrative and holistic practise with a team of various practitioners.  Dr. Prouse has also created the I-HHeLP Initiative- a worldwide virtual integrative practice of Institute for Hormonal Health certified practitioners trained using a comprehensive on-line educational program…coming soon!


Website: www.hormonalhealth.ca


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