Genomic testing and functional medicine are the future of healthcare that every patient and physician should understand.

Today I sat down with James Maskell. James is an entrepreneur in the functional medicine space. Over ten years ago he started his career as an i-banker and realized that wasn’t the ladder he wanted to climb. He transitioned from that career on Wall Street to selling homeopathic products to doctors. He had a natural ability to navigate a landscape and spot problems as they arose. A natural entrepreneur, James has gone on to speak on platforms such as TedMed and TEDx, and is now the host of the Functional Forum, where he speaks with practitioners and experts around the world, discussing the evolution of medicine. Upcoming is his Genetics Summit where we will look at genomics and start to understand how our genetic blueprint interacts with our lives to optimize our health. If something interesting is happening in the world of progressive medicine, James is either behind it or attending. We had an incredible conversation about how to recognize our own skills as entrepreneurs, how we can live to 100, and the types of steps that we can take on a daily basis to optimize our genetics. This is a perfect conversation for anyone looking to take their health and their entrepreneurial vision to the next level.

Key Takeaways:

[:39] Please join our Facebook community, Legacy, a group of bad-ass women collectively committed to leaving the world better than we found it.

[2:57] James’s parents were a homeopath and a chiropractor.

[4:59] James recognized an opportunity and didn’t wait to act on it.

[7:14] What is functional medicine, and why is it foundational to the evolution of medicine?

[10:07] Functional medicine can take you across the “line of fine,” and you can live to be 100 years old.

[14:48] Listen to some very relevant and applicable talks from health and longevity experts at

[15:52] Social isolation is a major contributor to all-cause mortality.

[22:00] Most people associate genetics with a life-or-death sentence, but we can control our genes through lifestyle.

[24:24] You can attend the Interpreting Your Genetics Summit for free.

[27:54] Where should you go for genetic testing?

[31:42] What are the lifestyle factors that everyone must consider for better health?

[34:31] Health is the ability to self-actualize what you are here on the planet to do.

[34:56] Thank you to our sponsor, The Interpreting Your Genetics Summit.

[36:16] James walks his daughter to school in the morning.

[37:07] James loves to read non-fiction.

[37:34] James loves coffee.

[38:08] James loves to dance and play tennis.

[38:30] If you want to become an entrepreneur, do sales.

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The Evolution of Medicine


“Your health is a product of the five people you spend the most time with.”

“[We are] actually facilitating the journey of doctors from Western medicine to functional medicine.”

“We don’t need an aspirational medical system, we need an operating system.”

“The most valuable thing that a doctor could ever do is to introduce two people who want to get healthy with each other.”


James Maskell is the creator of Functional Forum, the world’s largest integrative medicine conference. He lectures internationally, and has been featured on TEDMED, Huffpost Live, TEDx and more, and is a contributor to Huffington Post, KevinMD, thedoctorblog and MindBodyGreen. He serves on the faculty of George Washington University’s Metabolic Medicine Institute.


Functional Forum – largest free forum for doctors and health practitioners in functional and integrative health

Upcoming Genetics Summit:

Journey to 100: www.functionalforum/journey100


In the spirit of prevention, there is no time like the present, to look at how we could and should be supporting your system for maximum performance. This month I am challenging you to better understand your current state of health.  Register today for the free Genetics Summit to learn how to use your genetic/genomic information to alter your lifestyle, guide treatment and create better health. Register here.