If you think tantra has something to do with yoga and something to do with sex, but you haven’t dived in beyond that, this is the interview for you.

Today I sat down with Katrina Bos. Katrina is an author, a cancer survivor, a mother, a mathematician and a teacher of tantra. Tantra, as Katrina will explain, is not about yoga or sex or weird kinky things, it’s about connecting with people and finding a true state of intimacy. Our conversation was so interesting because it wasn’t just about sexuality or connection, it was about how we leverage these things to connect to who we are as women, and who we are as go-getters in this world. This interview is jam-packed with actionable information about finding ways to connect to yourself, truly loving yourself and ultimately being able to improve your ability to connect to the world.

Key Takeaways:

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[2:55] Katrina found, or was led to, tantra ten years into her marriage.

[6:27] Through tantra Katrina learned what it really meant to be feminine.

[8:57] When we aren’t in survival mode, we have the time to nurture our intimate relationships.

[10:57] What is tantra, exactly?

[16:56] Where should you seek sexual mentorship? How can you teach your kids the right things about sex?

[22:00] Making love should be intuitive.

[23:24] When her kids were young Katrina decided that she would always be their safe place in the world.

[27:01] If you can’t be safe, and open, and loving, you can’t connect.

[29:19] Tantra is the opposite of porn.

[32:44] What is the first step to becoming tantric?

[38:07] To really make love you have to give up your plan and agenda.

[39:50] The brain can only do so much.

[41:19] Some sex is draining while some is energizing.

[43:56] Follow your intuition in relationships and business.

[47:24] Human beings are not linear systems, they are chaotic systems.

[48:52] Health is ease.

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[53:38] Katrina does not have a consistent morning routine.

[53:49] Katrina is currently reading about Nikola Tesla.

[54:10] Katrina loves her latte with homemade almond milk.

[54:43] What does Katrina do for fun?

[54:49] Entrepreneurism isn’t for everyone.

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“In North America we are so messed up sexually.”

“We lose touch with the feminine, and I think that’s why we burn out so easily.”

“We actually have the time and the space to be contemplative now.”

” Would you ever treat your partner the way you treat yourself?”

” Only in the quiet, do we have inspiration.”

” If you can’t be safe, open and loving, you can’t connect. Energy doesn’t lie.”

” Intuition isn’t just telling you what the next step is. It’s telling you the truth about the present moment.”

” While the world may throw you a thousand ideas at you, there is only one that is your reality.”


Katrina Bos has been studying and practicing Tantra for over 10 years… Her greatest AHA moment came when she realized that this was actually our natural ability… That we are designed to be THIS intimate and experience such incredible pleasure!! Her goal is to de-mystify this ancient teaching and share it with everyone!! Because it is truly how we are made… And we all deserve to feel that kind of pleasure, happiness and connection!! Katrina now lives in Toronto, teaches online courses through her school, Fusion Tantra and travels to teach all around the world. Her passion is teaching “grounded spirituality” and understanding and exploring exactly what we as humans are truly capable of.


Website: www.fusiontantra.com

Facebook:  @fusiontantra


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