Beekeeper and entrepreneur Carly Stein teaches us about using bee products medicinally, and how to grow a business sustainably.

Today I had the chance to speak with Carly Stein. Carly is an awesome woman who gave up her career at Goldman Sachs to follow her passion — beekeeping. Carly is an expert in this tiny little niche of producing high-quality, totally natural bee products. We’re not just talking about honey, but so many other products as well. We talked about the medicinal advantages of bee products, how to start a business related to food, what it’s like to be an entrepreneur as a woman, and how to offer a product that is totally authentic. If you have a mission and a vision of the life and business you want to grow, or just a passion for your health, this is absolutely the interview for you.

Key Takeaways:

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[2:22] Carly’s allergic reactions to antibiotics led her to bee products.

[5:48] How did people react when Carly left her job at Goldman Sachs to start beekeeping?

[7:34] There are many bee products with long histories of medicinal use.

[10:48] If you are allergic to bee stings, you can probably still use honey and propolis.

[11:43] How can you find high-quality, raw honey?

[13:58] You must consider pesticide exposure when purchasing bee products.

[15:23] How are Beekeeper’s Naturals’ products produced?

[17:40] Carly uses her products daily.

[19:07] Does Carly use other supplements besides bee products?

[19:55] Not all bee products are high in sugar, and a study has shown that bee propolis can improve blood sugar levels.

[22:09] Honey can help you sleep.

[23:23] Carly does not recommend that children under the age of one use any bee products.

[25:01] How do you take honey for medicinal purposes?

[25:34] Since 2006, we have seen a steady decline in bee populations, and that is largely due to pesticide use.

[28:28] How much is organic certification worth? How can we support organic and biodynamic farmers?

[31:31] Make sure that your business idea can be grown in a sustainable way.

[36:04] Health is knowing how to take control of your well-being.

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[38:01] Carly meditates each morning.

[39:26] Carly likes both fiction and nonfiction.

[39:40] How does Carly prevent and treat bee stings?

[41:12] Carly likes to surf, hike and rock-climb.

[41:25] Entrepreneurism can be learned.

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“My passion is building products that help people lead healthier lives.”

“The number one rule of buying honey is making sure that it is raw, or unpasteurized.”

“You need to ask questions about where your food is coming from.”

“Anytime you would typically use refined sugar, I replace that with honey.”

” The glycemic response varies based on the quality of honey.”

” Taking bee propolis has been shown to improve glycemic levels in patients with type II diabetes.”

” Bees are responsible for the production of 1/3 of our food supply.”


Carly is the founder and CEO of Beekeeper’s Naturals, a natural health product company focused on superfoods from the hive and dedicated to saving the bees.  Beekeeper’s Naturals is devoted to sustainable sourcing and innovative nutraceuticals to provide effective natural solutions to modern health problems. Carly is committed to using her company as a platform to raise awareness and funding for the bee cause and promoting sustainable practices and pesticide free beekeeping.



Instagram: beekeepers_naturals

Facebook: @BeekeepersNaturals

Twitter: @beekeeper_nat


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