This interview is a little bit different. Today I had the opportunity to sit down with one of my entrepreneurial superheroes, Murray Walker (also know as my dad). When at the birth of this podcast I put together a list of people I would ultimately like to interview, my dad was at the top of the list. He is the reason that I went into business, and the person who sculpted so much of my way of thinking. He is, in short, my entrepreneurial hero.

In this interview I get to ask my dad about business, and also a little bit about what he has learned from me about health. We talked about opportunity, pushing things to the next level, balancing our time, and putting things into perspective. It was tremendously insightful and I truly learned things about him that I never knew before. I hope you enjoy our conversation, too.

Key Takeaways:

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[3:36] It’s crucial that parents encourage entrepreneurial skills, because schools will not.

[4:23] Mr. Walker compares his experience of entrepreneurism to a child who learns to ride a bike but doesn’t realize that he is a cyclist.

[5:42] Business opportunities usually spring from a need.

[6:47] When Mr. Walker saw an opportunity he fearlessly pursued it, and that has been key to his success.

[9:26] Mr. Walker had an insatiable desire to capitalize on opportunity, but he was determined to keep his life balanced.

[10:23] Be present wherever you are.

[11:05] What is “Imposter Syndrome,” and why should you get over it?

[13:40] Mr. Walker is a perfectionist, but he knows how and when to temper that tendency.

[15:13] Entrepreneurs should have the ability to recognize opportunities, enthusiasm, and some business education.

[16:49] Where did Mr. Walker receive his business education?

[18:12] Managing your time is crucial.

[19:32] Mr. Walker involved Meghan in business conversations from a very young age, but cautions parents against pushing their children into the family business.

[23:38] The nature of entrepreneurism changes from generation to generation.

[24:55] If he had unlimited energy and unlimited time, what business opportunity would Mr. Walker pursue right now?

[27:16] Food is fuel.

[28:29] How does Mr. Walker define health?

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[30:29] Mr. Walker’s morning routine includes stretches and a perfectly brewed cup of coffee.

[31:24] Mr. Walker reads more nonfiction than fiction.

[32:26] What is Mr. Walker’s favorite biography?

[33:50] Mr. Walker enjoys watersports.

[34:48] Entrepreneurial skills may come easily, or may be learned with effort over time.

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“I think that I realized [that I was an entrepreneur] long after I became an entrepreneur.”


“If the opportunity is there, you have to seize it.”


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