Weight Loss coach Adele Tevlin talks to us about the real reason people overeat and how to pinpoint the patterns that are getting in the way of where you want to be.

Today I sat down with Adele Tevlin of Adele Wellness. Adele is a weight loss coach, cognitive behavioural therapist, and holistic nutritionist. She offers a really unique program and approach to helping people manage a healthy weight. Although we did talk about how to lose weight effectively, our conversation really revolved around body image, how we optimize our energy, and thought patterns that contribute to a weight problem in the first place. We both look at weight issues not as being caused by overconsumption of calories, but by a desperate desire for dopamine. This means that weight management, body management and getting to your ideal place all begins in your brain.

Key Takeaways:

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[2:37] Adele helps people recognize the thoughts that get in the way of what they really want.

[4:20] Why do people overeat?

[4:56] Food addiction is very similar to other addictions.

[6:40] Some people may be more prone to food addiction because they crave more dopamine than other people.

[7:40] Commitment and readiness are crucial when attempting to change eating behaviors.

[9:06] Sometimes it takes experiencing significant pain related to your situation to truly be ready to commit to change.

[11:00] Adele teaches her clients to reframe trigger situations.

[12:42] A person’s family of origin can be a common challenge in their weight loss goals.

[14:08] Adele helps her clients structure plans for coping with triggers at family gatherings.

[15:08] Make conscious decisions, and don’t feel guilty about them.

[15:29] Your mind is very good at executing patterns, but it also has great capacity for change.

[19:03] Let people know about your healthy lifestyle change.

[19:36] Adele is a fan of the Paleo Diet and intermittent fasting.

[21:52] Women need a lot more carbohydrates than they think.

[25:32] An entrepreneur’s ability to find loopholes can sometimes be a disservice when it comes to diet.

[26:03] How can you break a yo-yo dieting cycle?

[27:17] It can be more difficult to lose weight as a vegan.

[29:34] How can people find their optimal body image?

[31:25] A person’s true “why” is never the first thing they tell you.

[33:52] Sometimes a person’s initial, shallow reason for motivation will lead them to their deeper “why.”

[35:25] As a parent, it is important not to present food as “good” and “bad.”

[39:01] Health is being mindful and balanced.

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[42:59] Adele goes to the gym every morning.

[43:18] Right now Adele is reading Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think. by Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler.

[43:45] Adele’s hot beverage of choice is an Americano.

[43:57] Adele hangs out with her one-year-old son for fun.

[44:26] Entrepreneurs are both born and made.

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“There is a huge disconnect between knowing and doing.”


“People are overeating because they’re looking for a high.”


“When you know what someone is thinking you will understand their behavior.”


“Guilt and shame are useless emotions.”


“Aim for progress, not perfection.”


“ Being mindful, being conscious and being balanced is health”


“ Health is being balanced, mindful and conscious of your body’s sensation around food.”


“ It’s crucial to understand the cognitions, thoughts and triggers that get in the way of what you really want.”

More About Adele Tevlin

My passion is to empower people to achieve their highest state of being, towards living a balanced and healthy lifestyle on a day-to-day basis. Every individual can experience a healthy state of wellness and balanced living, regardless of how busy you are. I’m here to help you realize and achieve just that. In a nutshell, my goal for you is to create a healthier, and more sustainable lifestyle than you ever imagined possible!

So what do I do? I create tailored weight loss solutions to fit people’s lifestyle needs. What that means is I teach you to understand your lifestyle patterns, triggers and pitfalls and show you how to create new behaviors that lead to healthier habits. I figure out what works best for you and create alternative solutions that provide you with the knowledge you need to achieve your goals and maintain them for the long haul.

How do I do this? With a combination of education, training and experience. I am a Certified Nutritional Practitioner with a B.Sc in Neuropsychology and a Master level NLP coach and I use my integrated understanding of each to help you develop positive changes and strategies for success.

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